Tall Story

Afloat and at sea
Bobbing like a cork
On the widest of widest ocean
Comedy in perpetual motion
White tips go surfing by
Water, lots of bloody water and
Yet not a drop to drink
Only time to sit and think
A rocky shore lies off to the west
Fiery dragons reside to the north
Things are going south though
Thats not a place I want to go
Tall ships passing me by
Rowing now faster and ever faster
Tidal currents are hard to beat
Especially where pressures meet
Directionless, I move onwards east
I am following a lonely star
Shining brightly in the night sky
All I can do now is sit and sigh
As we drift on inner currents
Mapping the inner tides
Charting uncharted territory
Writing Act 2 of this sorry sordid story
To be read shortly on Jackanory
Another very very tall story

Lost in the Sea by O-Maryo-O

Lost in the Sea by O-Maryo-O


The Art

In the silence I can hear
As I watch my heartfelt prayer
In the stillness of the inner
I ask forgiveness and renewal
The Sea is still and deep
Reflections there to keep
Aqua fluidly accepts ideas
Smoothes and refines, purifies
And throws them on the Fire
Flaming through intense desire
To work the Art of magic
The inner to the outer flows
Water steams as ember glows
I see, I hope, I know
That from my uttered words will grow
The qualities that I seek
I am, stillness, eternal
A presence in the space
A fluctuating lighted face
Flickering half-formed in the first light
I imagine that it will grow so very bright
Consuming, boiling, generating
Between the darkness and the light
And everything is simply just right
As it is meant to be
An eternal uttered prayer
The Word is spoken
The speaker is content
The magic is now spent


Talk, Talk

Talk, talk
A talking head
A constant stream
Of incessant chatter
Talk, talk
Words in my head
Is anyone listening
Does it really matter?
Aren’t we all talking to ourselves?
A running commentary on our lives
Describing that reality
Emphasizing finality
Gibbering our thoughts aloud
Streaming podcasts in our head
Writing, filming or recording
The words we just said
Talk, talk
The walking dead
It’s a constant dream
That doesn’t matter
Talk, talk
Words that I have read
Is anyone listening?
Or am I already dead?


All Sixes and Sevens

Six strings
Strumming along
Six stars
In this song
Six days to work hard
And one to rest
Six metals to reduce
To the best
A sixth sense
Or six of the best
Add one for
Six points to make
Six cakes to bake
Six maids a dancing
Around a point
Six gates to open
Six planets around
A golden Sun
This song is nearly done
Seventh heaven
Seven seals
Seven balanced
Gently heals
On our way
To that place heaven

Theology of Hate

I can’t help looking at what is going on in the name of religion around the world and wonder why as a species we never learn. I think perhaps that is expressed in these few lines penned today….and trust me, I have in mind all organized religions at one time or another or in some place or another….

The sky is falling
The end of the world is nigh
Follow me or you will die
Hell’s fires are waiting
And unless you follow me
You’ll surely burn eternally

What I want to know
Is what makes you my judge and jury?
A pious fanatical pervert
What I want to know
Is how you can be so incredibly arrogant?
So bloody intransigent

I see nothing in your actions
That reveals the loving truth
I hear nothing in your words
To back up your assertions
There is no heart in your hatred
No light revealed in your violence
No charity in your actions
As you in fight between factions
Of the one faith that you proclaim

All I observe is an all-consuming hatred
A need to destroy and subjugate
You do this in the name of a loving God
Please explain this dichotomy!
Please explain this theology
Of hatred, death and destruction
And how you think that this is the will
Of a loving God


Songs from Another Era

I started writing poetry or more accurately perhaps lyrics, at the age of about 12. At that time, I had just received my first acoustic guitar for Christmas and had already formed a ‘band’ with Andy Wells, my next door neighbour. Andy has, I think, played around bands ever since in the USA where he now lives and owns a huge collection of guitars. We would sit in our front rooms strumming the odd malformed chord and dreaming in the way only adolescents can dream. Of course, the early 70’s really was a great time for this with wave after wave of new bands coming through and cranking out three chord singles by the bucket load. I particularly loved T.Rex I recall and fancied myself as another Marc Bolan. In the room I am writing this there is a folder of old foolscap papers with scrawled handwritten lyrics dating back to 1972. Precious to me but are those awful lyrics or what and I wouldn’t dream of forcing them on all of you.


I did play in several bands in my teens. My taste in music migrated to Status Quo and I got locked into 12-bar as a guitarist and never really progressed much. I am a competent rythym guitarist but thats about all. My acoustic from Woolworths graduated into a CMI Telecaster deluxe electric in black with a maple neck. I worked two years doing a paper round to buy it and I still have it. In fact, it is behind me. It is the only guitar I have ever wanted.

Where am I going with this story then? Well, my first book of poetry – Weird Tales – published in 2006 contains a few of those early sets of lyrics. I sat and ploughed through the teenage angst and the teenage crushes and actually found a few that I thought were good. The first collection of poetry that I published then contains my work from 1972 through to 2005. Here is one poem from 1972 that if you came for a visit, I could still sing to you with my guitar….


I feel the cold breath upon my naked face
And the dark shadows in my heart
Watching – with heavy lidded eyes
I realize – that what I see
Is only there for me to see
And life is another mystery

Time lies heavily upon us all
And yet in the future I can perceive
The winds of change for good or ill
Changing – the things living around me
And slowly – I see again all the steamy rain
The pain, and anguish overrides hope

When I re-read this poem this morning looking for inspiration for a blog article, I suddenly realized that nothing much changes at all. Here is a poem written at age 12 that talks about….. reality and life. I was already obsessed with what constitutes reality and our experience of it – even all of those years ago. This is echoed in many of the songs and poems that form Weird Tales including this little ditty that I wrote at college in around 1980.

Gone Again

Gone again
Hardly a moment to spare
I don’t know where life is leading
And I don’t really care
Gone again
Was I ever really there?

Slot machine bingo
Maniacal stares
Readily unfolding
In front of me
Unzip and down to flesh again
Automatic eyes
Lasared to see

Pull another cocktail
Molotov type
Shoving it down inside
Deep inside
Dilation and comforting sensation
Try me
I am on your side

Gone again
Not a moment to spare
God only knows what I am doing
And he doesn’t care
Gone again
Was I ever really there?

Both poems from Weird Tales published in 2006.

Weird Tales Cover


Given some of the news headlines I see about ISIS (not the Goddess I hasten to add) and their actions which are utterly evil and satanic to the equally despotic and idiotic satanic christian right that wants to deny everyone everything, I dug this poem up for today. It is from my book Astral Messages and it says exactly what I want to say. There are too many MEN who think they speak for God but in reality they speak for THEMSELVES.

To me, religion is the system that allows men to create a God in their own image so that they may control others and impose their own will upon them. In the name of religion, they persecute all who disagree as well as women, gays, and minorities. Religion is the new Nazism of hate and I am not singling out any particular religion.

The reverse of this is to believe in Divine Providence and to seek balance everywhere. Read the Bible or the Koran but read it with your eyes open… you will be amazed at the metaphysical and occult knowledge written there in plain sight but ignored by so many. As Jesus said so many times…. for those that have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Look and listen.

To follow
Your words we trust
Despite your actions
And the countless billions
That crossed religions
And suffered death or persecution

A man who
Thinks he knows
What God wants
Is a dangerous delusion
Devilish collusion
To further darkness and chaos

Your dogma
Conform or die
Propagate my lie
Kill the unbelievers
Help make me absolute

Man-made lies
Not God uttered
Satan’s revenge
Death and destruction
Psycho seduction
Kill, hate, maim and persecute

For man
In the name of God