Sword of Destiny

There is a day every author enjoys more then others and that day is when you finally hold in your hands the product of your long and loving labour…. the book! Yesterday was the day this happened for my friend and co-author of The Mystical Hexagram – Sue Vincent. I know that Sue had worked long and hard on her novel – Sword of Destiny – and the result is now available to share with everyone. Sue asked me to read and review the novel a few months ago and I was honored to do so.

In Sword of Destiny, Sue has written a beautifully magical story set in her beloved Yorkshire. Each of the main characters in her story experiences personal growth through a sharing a thrilling and magical adventure. It’s a heartwarming tale that is full of unexpected twists and turns. Sue writes with a real grasp of the human side of people which is expressed lovingly in the personalities of her heroes and the recognizable characters that they interact with. The power and essence of her story is found in the admixture of her undoubted love of Yorkshire, her ability to see the warm and the good in all folk, and her knowledge of the magical forces one can find at work in such places and between such folk. An inspired piece of writing that keeps your attention until the very last page.

Sword of Destiny is available in Kindle and Paperback form from Amazon and should be on every magician’s wishlist. I wish Sue every success with this book. As she says in her own words “the proof copy of Sword of Destiny makes me smile.” All authors love the feeling of that finished product in their hands but they all like even better the idea of their book being in someone else’s hands – the readers.


…and the swords must be found and held by their bearers lest the darkness find a way into the heart of man. Ask the waters to grant guidance and tell the ancient Keeper of Light that it is time to join battle for the next age.”

Rhea Marchant heads north to the wild and beautiful landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales where she is plunged into an adventure that will span the worlds. The earth beneath her feet reveals its hidden life as she and her companions are guided by the ancient Keeper of Light in search of artefacts of arcane power. With the aid of the Old Ones and the merry immortal Heilyn, the company seek the elemental weapons that will help restore hope to an unbalanced world at the dawn of a new era.

Set in the ancient beauty of the Yorkshire Dales, Sword of Destiny weaves the tale of a small band of friends brought together as a new age of Man unfolds. Through their personal quests, through friendship, love and laughter, they learn to see the world with a clearer vision as they battle creatures of ancient myth and legend, under the aegis of the Keeper.

What you waiting for? Grab yourself a copy now!


Looking for a Break is Tough Work

Writing – it’s a tough business. For small time authors such as myself, we rely on the ‘friends and family’ concept since we lack what is called a ‘platform’. Let me translate what I just said….Small time writers rely on their friends and family to purchase their books as they don’t have a brand name like say JK Rowling that will guarantee thousands of anonymous buyers for their writing product. Hopefully, friends and family will not just BUY the book but also support it by writing short reviews on Amazon or Goodreads and mentioning it to their friends. The hope is that either, one of these friends of friends and family is extremely influential and can influence the broader public to buy the book (a stroke of good luck) or, more likely, small concentric circles of friends of friends continually buy the book through time.

For the last 4+ months I have been promoting The Last Observer now published by Roundfire Books. I, like all other authors no doubt, think that this book is pretty good and deserves broader appeal. The problem is I have no platform. I can reach out to about 500 friends and family via Facebook and Linked In and hope that if 10% of them buy it, I will sell 50 copies. Maybe 10% of those will result in another sale in their group of friends making a total of 55 copies. Hardly makes for a best seller.

So how to reach a broader market? Well, the publisher is supposed to help with that and to be fair, they have, but my book isn’t likely to be a best seller statistically and so they hedge their bets and budgets and will only do a little. They will do a little more if the books sells say 500 copies. But that is it folks.

So what is required is to find a broader market and develop a platform. To do this, I heave reached out to bloggers with some success and had a hand full of posts and reviews of the book as reward for my efforts. I have also reached out to reviewers and built competitions for give aways on Goodreads and Facebook.


I need some luck too.

But most of all, I need my friends and family to pull through for me….. please, buy the book and post a review. Tell your friends. I would be much obliged.

Because you see here is the funny thing. I know a few celebrities. I have reached out to these people too. After all, if a celeb liked the book, tweeted about it etc. that would make a big difference don’t you think? I do. But, I have been disappointed and disillusioned here. It seems that celebs have made it and they don’t have time to help. They are too busy building on their success. I hate to say this but I have found it to be true. The more successful someone becomes the less willing they appear to be to help others perhaps, they are too busy being successful.

If I ever build a platform, I swear I will use it to also help my friends and family.

Obsession with a Symbol

The hexagram. It’s a beautiful symbol of balance used extensively around the world and in everyday life. The hexagram might be said to represent the ALL THAT IS and because of its internal symmetry, it represents the ALL THAT IS in perfect harmonious balance – pure perfection. It is a symbol of perfection but it suggests too that perfection or harmony is something very delicate, immensely fragile, and it is easily lost. It is something that must be purposely sought for.

It is the symbol of the Sun and, it is the symbol of the Son holding Tiphareth at its very center. It has a golden heart. The hexagram signifies the Great Work of Alchemy. It signifies the emanated and the source. It is the ALL and its creation or reality. As the symbol of the Sun it emphasizes this idea that all originated from the Sun or central point and all will eventually come back to the central Sun. The Hexagram represents the polar opposites that we must reconcile back to the single point. It is the six days of work using polarity and the seventh day of rest in which those polarities are reconciled.


The Hexagram can be used to reconcile many occult systems and in doing so it is a key to showing that each system is designed consistently and with a similar purpose. They each show us how to achieve the Great Work of alchemy. The Hexagram shows in multiple different ways that we were created to create. It also shows us that in our current state we are unable to create perfection as we should because we are unbalanced and out of harmony.

A study of the hexagram brings many thoughts and contemplations. I spent several years obsessing on this symbol and then, together with SC Vincent, wrote The Mystical Hexagram: The Seven Inner Stars of Power from which the above italicized quotes are taken. The book is available from Darura Press, Amazon and from me. You may also like the promotional video posted below….