New Version of Poems for the Little Room

I published my second book of poetry a couple of years ago and for some reason chose to do so on The problem with that was it was a very expensive finished product and there was no way to make a Kindle version. Late last year, I used Amazon to publish Astral Messages – my third book or poetry – and it was so easy….. This made me think. Why not re-do Poems for the Little Room on Amazon? So – very shortly, a new version of Poems for the Little Room will be available in paperback and Kindle formats from the Amazon sites. It will still be a tad pricey because its full color but nothing like the price on…

My three books of poetry –

Astral Messages: Poetry from Beyond, Createspace, 2013
Astral Messages Cover
Astral Messages is my third book of poetry. It uses poems and blog articles from – Asteroth’s Domain – in a poetic discussion about reality and magic. From the opening ethereal beauty of “Astral Messages” to the humor of the questioning about “Why is life so dirty”, this is a collection of 17 new poems. Each is coupled with a short article to strengthen and bolster the points being made. At the end of the day, we are all magicians willfully creating our realities and Astral Messages demonstrates how this touches all aspects of our lives – yes, even our socks!

Available in paperback and Kindle formats from the Amazon sites.

ISBN-10: 1490312633
ISBN-13: 978-1490312637

Weird Tales: Other world Poetry, Booksurge, 2006
Weird Tales Cover

Weird Tales is the second book published by Dr. G. Michael Vasey and it is a collection of poems or simply ‘words on paper.’ 31 poems written over many years ranging from love poems to comments on modern society. It’s all there….

There are words
I could use to tell you
Exactly how I feel
But they have no meaning
For they are just words
Awkward sounds juxtaposed
Lacking translation
Losing their meaning

ISBN-10: 141965277X
ISBN-13: 978-1419652776

and the soon to be re-issued Poems for the Little Room.



I have three books of poetry in print. This is their story….

I began writing poems when I was a boy. It was an outlet. A few years ago, I found a huge pile of handwritten poems that I had written dating back to 1974 and, trust me, some were just downright embarrassing! Some, however, weren’t all that bad. I put these in a pile and typed them into MS WORD for better keeping and put them all in my poetry directory on my PC. I had about 50 poems there so I once again selected what I thought were some of the best and made them into a book. It was self-published off course but it was a nice little book of poems called Weird Tales: Other World Poetry (Booksurge, 2006).

A few years later, and many more poems later, I had what I thought was a bright idea. Poetry doesn’t sell well but what if I combined the poetry with some nice photos in an over sized book and targeted people who like to have the odd nice book in their lavatory! The idea came to me visiting a friend who’s little room had several quiet nice books in it including some short poetry books. This is how Poems for the Little Room (Lulu, 2012) cam about would you believe? Unfortunately, the paperback version is quite pricey via Lulu and I have never figured a way to get it into Kindle format so its only available via or from me either directly or from

Finally, this year I saw that I again had a lot of poems stacked up, some of which I thought were good. Again, I thought I would publish them but with another difference still trying to see if I could find a workable formula. This time, I would combine poems with articles from my blog Asteroth’s Domain in pairs. The poem and the article support one another and perhaps provide a basis for some meditation. The result called Astral Messages got a little lost in the marketing of my novella – The Last Observer – but nonetheless is out there…..

Now, to whet your appetite a bit, here is a poem from each…

Weird Tales – Heaven

Lips brush
Noses touch
Wrap myself around you
Tie you up in knots
And never let go

A hug
A kiss
Was all that it took
My knees go weak
And the heat rises

Life change
Headed in a new direction
And happy about it
Happy to be with you

A moment was all
How did I fall
Into the depths of love
A single meeting
An amazing greeting
And it was done

I find myself enrapt
How I want and need you
And that look in your eyes

Room spins
Kisses turn more urgent
And the smell of your skin
Surely, heaven is here

Poems for the Little Room – In My Head

I used to dream and imagine
Places I had never seen
I used to make up tunes
And sing them in my head
That world was real to me
More real than this one
I could be anyone
And do anything
In my head
I could be you
You could be me
In my head
In my inner world
In my deepest thoughts
Inside my head
I yearn to go back there
Visit more and more
What I create in that world
Is reflected in this one
What I am inside my head
Is what I become here

Astral Messages – Life’s Tapestry

The lines are blurred
And faces merged
The funniest thing you’ll see
Moments in time and space
Held close for eternity
Just pictures saved by memory
Like silent movies played
Flickering images passing by
Do these belong to me?
Or is everything I see
From another, not me
The colours and the smells
The angles lacking symmetry
The sounds and sights
Images bound in space
The inner revelries revealed
My life’s tapestry
Betwixt and between

Astral Messages Reviewed

Sue Vincent has kindly written a review of astral Messages on the site. It reads like this – Thanks Sue!

Writers can be mysterious creatures, their personal presence and character divined only vaguely and often erroneously through their work. The phenomenon of blogging has opened a portal into their lives and allows readers to catch a glimpse of the person behind the persona.

In Astral Messages Gary Vasey has collated a selection of posts from his blog, Asteroth’s Domain. These posts, written over a number of years, allow the reader to see into the mind and heart of the man. This vision is expanded by marrying each of the posts with a poem. On the surface that may not seem of much importance, but read side by side this opens a whole new level of perception.

You have only to read the first pairing in the Amazon preview of the book to see this in action. There is a depth and openness to beauty in the poetry, a realisation of the multi-levelled nature of reality and perception in the prose… and already it shadows the thread of magic woven through this little book.

Every page gives food for thought and further reflection. Yet this is not a manufactured collection, these are thoughts that have arisen and been written as a response to a moment in time, a mood, a whisper of inspiration… and they show the man behind the words for any who take time to look.

A thoughtful, thought provoking little book. Highly recommended.

also available of Kindle….

Astral Messages Reviewed by Gordon Strong

Many thanks to Gordon for taking the time to read it and then provide this very beautifully written review….

Astral Messages
The Poems and Thoughts of a Troubled Mind
Dr. G. Michael Vasey

Here’s an interesting idea, to juxtapose prose reflections with poems. Of the latter, ‘A Dream’ and ‘Life’s Tapestry’ are gems of composition. The poems get my vote straight away because most of them rhyme, thus they have an inherent melody and rhythm. That is not to say blank verse cannot have these qualities, T.S. Eliot – for one – did pretty well on this score. It is a rare talent, however, and the experiment often misfires.
What is very endearing is the honesty of the writer. In a gesture of great affection he dedicates the book to his father. Gary is not afraid to reveal his fears, loves and his puzzlement about the world. Never maudlin or sentimental, he debates the pros and cons of an argument, and only goes slightly off beam when he has a mini-rant.

Could it be that the work reads best when the analytical and the lyrical complement each other, and are perfectly balanced?

Magic is mentioned, as one would expect from a recognised pundit upon the esoteric. The deep anxiety that may accompany exposure to the occult, the profound responsibility of owning magical power, and the nature of reality are all examined. The views of Dion Fortune upon relationships and the polarity of the sexes are given a welcome airing, all in the context of Gary’s own marriage.

The author despairs of the current evil of ‘dumbing down’ and the embracing of received opinion. For this sensitive and perceptive artist, ignorance is most certainly not regarded as bliss.

Gordon Strong. September 2013.

Astral Messages Now Available

Sometime today, my 10th book will be available via the Amazon sites both in Paperback and in Kindle formats. Astral Messages is a collection of poems and short articles from my blog Asteroth’s Domain organized in such a way that each poem matches and supports each article. The subtitle of the book – is the poetry and thoughts of a troubled mind…..

I think astral Messages contains some of my better poetry and by linking up the poems with articles such as The Art of Dreaming, The Measurement Problem and Relationships as a Mirror to your Soul,it may make you think and probably provide some things on which to meditate.

Later today, the Kindle version will be available on Amazon and later this week the paperback. For now, it can be purchased at the Createspace store.

Astral Messages uses poems and blog articles from my long standing blog – Asteroth’s Domain – in a discussion of reality and magic. We are all magicians willfully creating our realities and this selection demonstrates how this touches all aspects of our lives – yes, even our socks!

Astral Messages

My next book is already ready to hit the presses. It’s called Astral Messages and it is a collection of poetry interspersed with blog articles from Asteroth’s Domain. The collection of poems is deliberately matched with blog articles in the same theme so what you get is a good look at what was going on in my mind at the time the material was written. Topics covered range from esoteric and philosophical discussions regarding reality and magic to a discourse about my old socks!

Astral Messages

Astral Messages uses poems and blog articles from my long standing blog – Asteroth’s Domain – in a discussion of reality and magic. We are all magicians willfully creating our realities and this selection demonstrates how this touches all aspects of our lives – yes, even our socks!

For this book, I decided to self publish and am using Amazon’s self publishing vehicle as it gets good distribution. The book will also be available in Kindle format as well.

Meanwhile, I am plotting my next novel to follow The Last Observer. It may well be a prequel and, not to give anything away, it will likely be about Edward and his nemesis – the evil Zeltan…….

At the same time, I have a start on a book about The Fool in magic which is based on material directly from Asteroth herself…. I just need to find some time as I also have around 9 books waiting to be read on my desk as well including what looks like a really good story by Gordon Strong just out titled Doorway into Darkness.