Allergic to Beer?

Woe is me!

I am forced to conclude that I am allergic to something in beer. I love beer, especially Czech beer, but it hates me.

Last night, I had four glasses of beer with a friend. This morning, I am dizzy, throbbing headache, my right eye is swollen up and my sinuses too and I have a sore throat on that side too. In short, I feel pretty crappy to say the least. I have been getting this sort of reaction to most beers this last few years but this time is the worst. If I drink wine, whiskey or anything else, I am fine so it really is beer.

My father suffered the same fate. The older he got the more beer seemed to dislike him. A pint of Fosters Lager was about all he could manage in the end without a similar sort of reaction.

So I am afraid that I must now stop drinking beer. Aging is such an insult.



An Independent Website

Well, after a year on, this blog has made its bid for freedom once more and is now a stand alone website again. I still have a version – you can find it here and, if things are working correctly, my updates here will also automatically appear there…. There may yet be a few bugs and tweeks to be made.

I moved the site because, while the social interaction offered by is excellent, it is at the expense of many other functions. For example, I can’t link to my books on Amazon properly, I can’t add an embedded newsletter sign up form and much much more. On this site, I will be adding all of the functionality over time.

Meanwhile, My Haunted Life – Extreme Edition, the paperback, has had its button pushed too and at some point in the next 24-hours will be available to purchase on all the amazon sites and elsewhere besides. The paperback contains all three kindle books and two never before published additional stories as a bonus. So, for those of you who like to smell book smell and hold a real book in your hands, you can now do so and read My Haunted Life…..


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Haunted by Past Actions…

A few weeks ago I went to the medical center. The lady behind the reception counter asked me for my ID (a repeat prescription). It was a nice day and I was in a good mood so with a grin as broad as can be and in an exaggerated big and bold voice I said “What? ID? Surely my word should be enough?” Now I said this even as I searched visibly in my back pocket for my passport. The woman looked at me with a look of derision and scorn. “ID is required,” she says.

“Yes, I am looking for it,” says I puzzled.

The look on her face says it all.

“You do know I’m Joking with you right?” says I.

The look says all I need to know.

So now, every time I go to the medical center, it is a frosty reception I encounter and I can almost hear the staff saying “Watch out for that one, he is trouble.”

Perhaps I am, but at least I do have a sense of humor.


Wacky Thought for the Day

Imagine if wars were fought with love. Bombs of pure loving were dropped on your enemies and bullets of appreciation fired in love as opposed to anger. Imagine if every word you spoke and every thought you thought was motivated by love. Imagine an army of love on the move to liberate the poor, the distressed, the despised and the self-haters.

Yes – it is a strange thought, but it makes you wonder how different a world we would live in if love was the primary motivating emotion.


There Are Days….

There are days when you wonder.

I was up early this morning. I had a good work plan all determined and the sky was an azure blue hangover from yesterday…. it always makes me feel better somehow to see a blue sky.

Then. The first phone appointment doesn’t show but an unexpected Skype call from a friend/colleague results in a 40 minute conversation about, well, nothing really… It was just a nice chit chat. Immediately after, the phone rings and puzzled I pick it up. It is my doctor chasing me to have an extended blood pressure monitoring test. I had said I would but then never made the appointment and she is concerned that I am avoiding it and if I do have high blood pressure we should know. I suspect that I do so in the end I agree and that means calling to make an appointment. Anywhere else, that would probably be a 30 second call but not here. It takes 15 minutes before I am successful as the my Czech and her English isn’t as good as either of us would like.

A quick glance at the clock and somehow it is now noon. I make some lunch by heating up yesterdays dinner leftovers and the phone rings again. Its DHL and they are about to make a delivery so am I in? Yes, I say and head to the doorstep where I am presented with the long lost book I ordered in January. This is the replacement and once again, I wonder about Amazon’s customer service – amazing that it took 3-business days from call to complain to delivery of new book in Brno shipped from the US. I call that customer service… amazing customer service in fact.

A glance at the clock and it is 12:40 and I haven’t done a bloody thing! It is turning out to be one of them days….. my plan is in tatters!

Now, me being me, I have to wonder if deep down inside I am simply avoiding work? I mean, if I create my own reality, then I am doing one hell of a job at distracting myself. Oh, I still have to meditate too – better do that now I suppose…..