In Praise of Amazon

Just after christmas, I ordered a copy of a book by my favorite Czech magician Frantisek Bradon called The Universal Master Key. It is an interesting new book that is highly recommended and has only recently appeared. Whether it really is by Mr. Bardon I am not so sure but many people believe that it was. Having made my order, I sat back and waited.

January 28th, the supposed delivery date came and went. No book. By mid-February, I decided to let Amazon know that my book was missing in action. I got no response. February 28th came and went and that was 1 full month after supposed delivery date.

Last night, I decided enough was enough and I went on, found my order and then engaged a customer service representative in chat mode. No book! I exclaimed. I was ready to be angry and defensive as you generally have to be when dealing with online vendors over issues like this. “Give me a minute Sir to review the issue,” said the rep. I sat waiting expecting to hear some reason as to why it was my fault or my problem or some such excuse.

What I actually heard was – “Yes, Sir, we are very sorry about this issue. Can we give you a full refund or send you another copy of the book using the fastest delivery possible?” I almost fell off of my chair! I have another copy on its way and hope next week to be reading my new Bardon book. Meanwhile, I have to say – how is that for customer service and Bravo Amazon!


How to make a living as a writer

A few days ago I wrote about not being a writer but being a storyteller, here friend and co-author of The Mystical Hexagram, Sue Vincent, talks about being a writer……

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

It wasn’t her real name, of course, but close enough. An author’s nom de plume. Still, seeing it at the end of the printed article gave her a thrill. Every time. I felt the same way when that first magazine dropped through the letterbox with my name at the end of the article. Like mother, like daughter. There was a pride in that, hard to put into words.

It was, for both of us, so many years apart, a small thing… but to a writer it means the world.

I am not a million-dollar author with a major publishing house, I am not even a respectably sized fish in that particular pond. But I am a writer.

It took me a long time to call myself that, to ‘own’ it, as a friend said the other day. My Mum was a writer…she had things printed all over the place…

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The Big Spring Clean Out

I am trying to do too much I have decided. I have too many blogs and most of them are sat idle as I have no time to feed them so it’s time to wield my Geburic side and take an exe to blogland!

In the next week or so, this blog and website will have its independence again. Although I like the community aspect of I hate the limits placed. I want to add widgets and functionality that will not let me do so… UDI declared. will be migrated back off to its own server and a copy will be left at so I have the best of both worlds….

Meanwhile, Asteroth’s Domain has always been my more magical site but to be honest, I write about magic here so openly I hardly see the need for a different site anymore. So, I am wielding the axe. Asteroth’s Domain will be assimilated by this site and be no more…… all the articles will be brought over and preserved by Asteroth’s Domain as a stand alone site will be gone. RIP. Asteroth’s Domain 2005-2015.

Another site I have is Discover the Czech republic. It was a nice idea but I can’t keep it up so it too will be gone. The current articles already moved to my ExPat website for Brno. It will have a major facelift and a new Brno ExPats is in the offing soon too.

The last site is The Mystical Hexagram and this when I find the time will be turned into a minimal website to promote our book. Any/all blog articles will be transferred here.

Ah, I like spring cleaning. It feels good to go Geburic from time to time doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, less time writing blogs, more time writing books….

I have several exciting projects planned and just last night, I got started on one that I think will be a lot of fun to complete.

Meanwhile – take a peek at my current collection.


Consult My Psychic Promotion

All my life, I have periodically consulted a psychic for tarot card readings. Often, these readings have been amazingly accurate – especially those given by my friend Pat Rickard. Pat is an amazing lady who I have known for about 15-years now from my time in Texas. Now, I am offering an opportunity to win a 30 minute consultation with my psychic!

For the next 6-weeks, I am holding a promotional competition to allow one lucky person a FREE 30 minute consultation with my personal psychic – Pat Rickard. All you have to do is sign up for my mailing list to qualify between now and April 20th. Subscribers to my mailing list receivean exciting monthly newsletter with all new and never before published short stories, articles on the supernatural and magic and notice of my new projects (books, events etc.).

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and get a chance to find out what the future might hold for you with gifted psychic Pat Rickard.

pat n crystal ballPat Rickard
Pat Rickard has been working as a medium, psychic and reader for over thirty years. She is a trained medium and Healer with the Gateway School of Healing, Ministry, and Prophesy. Her teachers in Gateway were Reverands Frankie and Jeff Tunstall both of whom were trained in Lillydale New York, the oldest Spiritualist community in the U.S.A.. Pat is also a Reiki Master and certified Clinical hypnotist. She also works with the Celestial Thymes readers booth at The Texas Renaissance Festival near Houston TX and the Sherwood Forest Faire near Austin TX.

Pat has worked as a consulting medium with Lone Star Paranormal Investigative group of Houston, Texas on many investigations. She has appeared with Lone Star on many investigations on the local tv news shows. She also did a segment for Jim Roses Twisted Tour which appeared on the Travel Channel.

She does in person readings, phone readings, parties and events.

Pat now has her very own shop –

The Mystic Muse Metaphysical Shop
310 1/2 Main Street,
Old Town Spring,Texas 77373.

She can be reached at 832 257 2139
The Mystic Muse Facebook page

Sign up NOW to win this opportunity to find out about what the future holds for you. Sign up here.

Subconscious Creation?

Around 95% of our brain activity is said to be the unconscious mind. That means I am only 5% conscious.

If this is true, and I have no doubt that it is, what does it actually mean? The subconscious mind is like a tape recorder where I can set up a bunch of activities and then run it over and over again. It’s a sort of set of automated routines running in background that maintain bodily functions and habits. It is also often our adversary.

Through my mind, I create my reality. But if 95% of my thoughts are subconscious and I am unaware of them or they are accidentally or purposely programmed responses like fear and flight, my reality will be chaotic and might even be a total nightmare. One thing I have done very well is to build up responses, roles and actors all managed by my subconscious mind. These all play out without much interaction from me.

I have written before that we often react to people based on ourselves. The things we hate about ourselves are reflected back at us and we don’t like what we see. We dislike people because they deep down remind us of the qualities we do not like within ourselves. We blame everyone and everything for our problems as a subconscious avoidance mechanism. What is it we are avoiding? Ourselves.

I also often say we have to accept responsibility for ourselves. To some, this is a cold-hearted politically-motivated statement but actually, it is the truth people seek. If WE create our own reality through our thoughts and deeds and if we project our subconscious desires and worries onto the world around us then WE are responsible. No one else but us. We have to take personal responsibility for our lives and our selves. This is not political – it is a fact of reality. Perhaps I could restate it differently by saying that we need to become more conscious of who we are, why we are and work to improve and take more control as the real people we are inside. That is accepting personal responsibility. As opposed to being political it is a spiritual act.

This is where meditation and working to know oneself come in. It’s not good enough though to scrape the surface. We must face our demons or else we project them out to the external world and into the reality that we create. We must forgive ourselves for being human before we can forgive those around us as well. We must resolve the duality or polarity inside of us in order to dissolve its effects in our reality.

I’m going to recommend a book that I think can help some people with this. It is one of my bookshexagramfrontcvr and I believe it is the only book you ever need read. It is called The Mystical Hexagram and I co-wrote it with Sue Vincent. This symbol, is a powerful key to unlocking the inner self. It is all you need. I am not being egotistic or facetious when I say this because it has nothing to do with me that this symbol contains within it everything you need to create a better reality.It is one way to the answers you might seek and for some, it might be exactly what they were looking for.

Let’s create a better today together!


Telling Tales About Writing

I have always liked, no – enjoyed and thrived – in telling stories. I am a story teller. I cannot resist it. I like to spin tales whether fact or fiction and watch the faces of my audience. The truth be told, I talk too much and listen too little. In Yorkshire terminology, I could talk the hind legs off a donkey! My idea of a good night is to sit, glass in hand, telling stories and being told stories, entertaining those willing to listen and feeding off the other’s tales.

What I am most certainly not is a writer in the classical sense of the word. Last night, I happened on an article and simply hundreds of comments about the fact that there should be only one space after a full stop. That people should obsess over such a thing and that so many would find this important reminded me that I am not a writer. I care not a jot for comma placement and complex grammatical construction. I have long forgotten the difference between an adverb and an adjective and wouldn’t know what an alliteration was if it hit me in the nose. Nor frankly, do I care. Yes, I do recognize that many do and justify their entire earthly existence on their grammar skills and, while I do not mean to belittle them or insult them, this is to me is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard.

I do however, write. I write a lot. In fact, I write for a living. I write white papers, research reports, magazine articles, blog posts, analyst notes, ghost write magazine articles, white papers, marketing collateral and much, much more. I also write books on the side – poetry, short stories, occult books and novels. I am not a writer though. I am a story teller.

Yes, my white papers are full of thought leadership, competitive arguments, expertise about the subject matter and more. I can’t be sure the gap between my full stop and the start of the next line is one space and I am pretty sure my clients care not a jot either. It is the content they want. What is in my head placed in a readable and compelling way on the page. They must like what they get because our business is thriving.

As for my books. Well, I enjoy writing poetry the most or shall we simply call it free verse. It is full of adverbs, adjectives and alliterations because, like a self taught musician, I know what sounds and effects I like using words even if I am unclear on the rules. And, just like good music is often as much about the performers’ style and imperfections as it is about composition, my style is my style and it works.

Rules are made for a reason. They are made largely to have us conform if the truth be told. An artist will often break all the rules to create something creative and be lauded for it. Knowing basic grammar and how to spell is a pre-requisite to being able to communicate but being so focused on writing and all that takes to me is to be focused on the wrong thing. People want to be entertained. I am an entertainer and just like the bards of old, my stories contain underlying elements of a truth that I hope my readers will see, question and learn from. I am not interested in being perfect and I am not interested in the reviews of such people either.

I am a story teller. Nothing more.


Writing fire

A very intriguing project from a couple of friends of mine…. check it out.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The mysterious Charles James Fox had taken some tracking down, but we had finally arranged a rendezvous and the three of us hunched over our beers in the corner of the Waggon and Horses in Langsett. My companion had taken me once before to see foxfire beneath the Hunter’s Moon. This, however, was something different. We had been granted the singular honour of being invited to a rehearsal meet of the Foxes, held at a secret location to preserve their anonymity. No-one, after all, knows who they are…. So to see them dance unmasked to pipe and drum was a real privilege. We were to go from here…

Crows patrolled the ancient stone of the roof tops; dark guardians of a magical dance. We felt their permission to pass within to a different world, older and deeply connected with the life of the land. We watched the honed precision of…

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