Time – He’s waiting in the wings
He speaks of senseless things
His script is you and me boys

I have been spending some time moving photos to the iMAC where they can be properly backed up. We have accumulated over 15,000 photos in 9-years and I am not done yet. The work is tedious as it involves copying directories from various machines to storage sticks and then uploading them into iPhoto on the iMAC. Of course, there are many duplicates and things are all mixed up so de-duping is the next step and then organizing into albums that make sense could take me the rest of my life.

Back in Houston, there are thousands of photos somewhere documenting the first 46-years of my life. I have a handful of those here but would dearly like to know that they aren’t rotting in a box somewhere in storage or even worse, discarded like so much trash. I guess, because of the number of devices capable of taking photos, the number of photos we take is increasing more or less exponentially. My entire 6-year student career probably produced 200 photos printed on paper and stored in those envelopes. The last 6-years has probably produced 10,000 photos and short videos. Many extremely precious.


Going through photos is interesting. Events that seem like they happened yesterday turn out to have taken place 8-years ago? Where did the time go? Do I have enough left to waste sat here trying to organize the photos or even look at them? Right now, if I looked at every photo on my iMAC for just 5 seconds it would take 1.2 whole days!

The sniper in the brain, regurgitating drain
Incestuous and vain,
and many other last names
I look at my watch it say 9:25 and I think
“Oh God I’m still alive”

(Time lyrics copyright David Bowie)


My Haunted Life Too – Reviewed

Here is a really nice review by Alienora Taylor – pop over to her blog – I promise you will enjoy it there….

Thanks to Alienora….

my haunted life too final coverMY HAUNTED LIFE TOO:

True Tales of the Paranormal

By G.Michael Vasey

This short collection of paranormal accounts takes us in a dizzying ride from Vasey’s childhood in Yorkshire, through creepy holidays in caravans and haunted cottages, into the truly nasty contents of American basements and, ultimately, on to the more spiritual, even uplifting, side of what we commonly refer to as a haunting experience.

At the same time, this down-to-earth, mainly understated, series of stories asks the reader to think about the nature of reality – and, indeed, of our perception. How, Vasey asks, can we ever be sure of the reality of anything or anyone? How do we know that the experiential package we choose to name ‘yesterday’ actually happened in any concrete sense? And these questions, by their very nature, throw open the whole much-vaunted debate about ghosts, presences and otherworldly monsters.

Vasey’s book is effective precisely because of its every day, undemonstrative nature. The settings are ones we have all been in: The holiday caravan, the bedroom, the scenic walk, the office. This is the normal, familiar world – and yet Vasey has suggested another world lying parallel to ours, or visitors from another time/space – or creatures who cling to certain surroundings for a purpose we cannot see.

It is frightening because it does not exaggerate. It chills the marrow because we can believe, only too readily, that those flickering lights in our own twenty-first century homes could be the start of an eleventh century ‘visitation’; that nature, on our own favourite stroll, could play strange tricks upon our senses.

I romped through the book, fascinated and absorbed. At times, the hair stood up on the back of my neck; at other times, I gloried in the Goddess’ abundant gifts and very much identified with the benison such generosity can confer.

My own personal favourites were the lovely leaf rain section and the vision of the Nazarene – but I enjoyed all of it, and thoroughly recommend the book to anyone who has an interest in paranormal events.

Alienora Taylor 15th February 2015

You can buy the book here.

The Art of Science – Free on Kindle for 5 Whole Days…

The art of Science – a new collection of free verse – will be FREE on Kindle starting tomorrow February 15th for 5 whole days. Grab it while you can and please do leave a review… Meanwhile, the paperback edition is also now available priced at $6.99 and, if you buy it, you can also get the Kindle version for free.

the art of science cover

Meanwhile, the My Haunted Life Series continues to thrill with true scary stories of the supernatural and bizarre. All three books remain in the best seller lists. Grab your copy of the latest and last My Haunted Life 3 still only 99 cents.

my haunted life 3

God Visited My Blog Last Night

I had a visitor to my website over night. According to his email address his name was God.God at yahoo.com to be precise.

However, based on the content of the message left to greet me this morning, God had very little to do with it. I had thought about reproducing the content of his email here but I won’t. The person who wrote it belongs to that small group of people who feel that God has given them permission to hate and take retribution. Just like the people who are ISIS, beheading and killing for God, this, I suppose ‘christian’, believes he represents God and God’s will and uniquely has the power to identify his adversary.

I feel sorry for these people. God is love and love knows no bounds. The kingdom of heaven is inside of us as each of us is a small part of the One. This is why we should love one another as we love God. We must also recognize that God is everything and is therefore both God and Goddess. God is also good and evil for not to understand that God is both sides of a two-edged sword is to acknowledge that there must be a duality of Gods. There is not. There is simply One.

The email I received was pure evil hatred and abuse – of me, my writing, my very being, along with the Jews, thrown in for good measure I guess. It is a tired and familiar firebrand, fundamentalist, bucket of bile and hatred. Nothing I nor most people would associate with God or love at all. I feel sorry for its author and I wish him well and hope he finds the love he is crying out for in his current condition of reddened mist of anger, hate and racism.

The Art of Science – Now Available

A fifth collection of poetry and free verse is now available… The Art of Science is out today!

the art of science cover

It includes the following poems…


The Cross


Passer By


It Doesn’t Matter


Adam and Eve

Tall Story

The Fool

The News Mogul

Go Figure!

The Art

Confusion Ends

Unholy Vows



A Quandary of Existence

Getting Older

Four Wheel Eroticism

Round and Around

It’s All Fantasy

Who Am I?


The Fall

The Creator’s Smile

My Haunted Life 3 Readied for Release

Now out and available on Kindle for just 99 cents…. scary and strange stories …

The Wacky World of G. Michael Vasey

Yesterday evening, I finished My Haunted Life 3. It needs editing now and so on but it will be available later next week. Here is a listing of stories for you;

  • ORBS

Again, some of the stories are about me but several are stories I have been told by friends. I hope people enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

my haunted life 3

However, thats the last of The My Haunted Life series – at least for now. They have proven to be popular and both My Haunted Life and My Haunted Life Too are on several Amazon best seller lists still (The latter in the top 10 in the UK!). I do hope this continues…

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Gassing in Essen

Since Sunday evening I have been in Dusseldorf, Germany arriving home late last night. It is amazing to me how quickly traffic to this site drops off and tails away unless I post to it every day. In just three days, traffic declined by 70%! What I find interesting about that is that this blog is filled with content – short stories, poetry, thoughts, articles – most of it is not time sensitive. I guess, people only look at the latest material on blogs and that must mean all of the good stuff on this blog goes largely unread after it is first written. Sad but probably inevitable….

Anyway, I visited a huge trade fair in Essen with my business partner who flew in from Houston, TX. Over 15,000 power and gas industry people from all over the world descend once a year on this quiet (and I will say it – remarkably boring) little German town each year. For me, it is an essential opportunity to meet people who I only get to meet, well annually in Essen! After two days of walking the floor, meeting with clients and prospects and just bumping into old friends and colleagues, I am exhausted. My back aches, my feet are sore and I have partially lost my voice.


The thing about the energy trading industry that amuses me is how male dominated it remains today. I would say that 90% of the people are men. Why? I don’t know. Another observation is how small a world it is. I never look at the name badges to see the name but who my colleague is working for these days…. People move from company to company with alarming regularity.


This year, while the booths were big and bold (read expensive), the crowd thicker than ever before, the give aways seemed to lack variation. This is a bad sign actually. Usually, I come home armed to the teeth with pens, sweets, soft toys, electronic items, novelty goods and so on all marked boldly with corporate brands. This year, there were pens a plenty but more expensive give ways were hard to find. Based on past experience, this means we are having a difficult period as an industry – costs are being scrutinized and profits are down.

Still, I don’t go for the giveaways but to catch up with a few hundred friends and colleagues – and that is always a gas.