I watched her face with interest
As she twisted the knife one last time
I don’t think you believed it even then
Pride was your wound
Infidelity her knife
She took you like a lamb to the slaughter

From Weird Tales – Otherworld Poetry (2006)




The title of this post is a made up word. Canuting comes from Canute and behaving like him. Who on earth is Canute I hear you ask mentally if not out loud. King Canute was King of Norway, England, Denmark and parts of Sweden who lived between 985 or 995 – 1035. More information may be found here. Any English school child will be more than familiar with the story of King Canute and the waves. In this story, the King is adored by his courtiers and proclaimed to be all powerful so powerful in fact that he can control the elements. To demonstrate the foolishness of such claims, Canute has his throne placed on the beach and from there, he orders the tide to stay out. As the tide relentlessly marches in, Canute is able to show his courtiers that he is in fact, not all powerful deferring such power to God.


So what is Canuting?

Canuting is when someone believes that they have power over the elements and they are deceiving themselves and others in the process.

President Obama is Canuting right now trying to tell us that man impacts the climate and can help control it by reducing CO2 emissions or in effect, paying more taxes to the Government so that it can spend that money fighting ‘climate change’.

I suppose the next question is why is he Canuting? After all, isn’t climate change the biggest threat facing humanity?

The answer to this is that if one thing can be assured it is that the climate changes. As all geologists know, throughout the history of the planet, climate has changed. For most of its history, Earth has had a much warmer climate and no polar ice caps. It is only in the recent past that, as a part of the glacial age, the Earth has cooled and ice caps formed. To suggest that humans can legislate the weather or even change the weather (globally and pervasively) is actually plain stupid if we chose not to mince words. To believe that CO2 is driving up temperatures is illogical and defies what we can actually observe throughout 4 billion years of the planet’s history. To say the science is proven is to not understand the nature of science nor even what climate science comprises of. If you think the weather forecasts pretty bad then that’s how bad their climate models are and why you can get more or less whatever answer you chose.

We are all being Canuted right now and I think the money being wasted could be spent actually making a difference to the environment as opposed to trying to make the weather our enemy along with plant food – CO2.

The Lord of the Elements

The Lord of the Elements is the prequel to The Last Observer and it focuses, for reasons those who have read The Last Observer will understand, on Edward Bright. Edward is the friendly, well-meaning and debonair magician and businessman who attempts to rescue bookworm Stanley from Zeltan and his black Lodge but in The Last Observer we do not learn much about the man, where he came from and why he is, well – who he is.

The Lord of the Elements follows Edward through college as his interest in magic grows. After college, he is taken under the wing of a rich banker who becomes Edward’s adopted father in many respects. As well as being a successful private banker, Cyril Bainbridge is also the Grand Master of a Magic Lodge based in London – the one that Edward will one day lead. The Lodge and Edward in particular are searching for a book – a grimoire. Rumored to have been written in the middle ages by a defrocked monk by the name of Gallivar, the grimoire is said to exist as an original and six copies and to expound what Gallivar knew about elemental magic.


In parallel we meet a man called William Dean who after attending a wild socialite party and coming into contact with Ralph Meister, is experiencing some very strange symptoms and hearing a voice in his head. He is searching in the Arizona desert fro a wise recluse who he has been told can help him.

As you might imagine, the story will shortly explode in violence and horror as the true nature of both Ralph Meister and Gallivar become known and the Lord of the Elements works his black magic….


Coming 2015 – The Lord of the Elements.

If you couldn’t put The Last Observer down then you daren’t stop reading The Lord of the Elements ………..

The Fall

The summer that never was has faded away
There is a chill in the air and the sky is clear gray
The leaves begin to slowly turn to autumn shades
Any warmth in our Sun is beginning to fade
The cycle has turned
Preparations afoot
For a long cold winter
Darkness is descending
The nights become unending
Hades peeks out of his cave
Looking for Persephone
To join him


Disappointed in Humanity

Just in the last few years I have found myself growing quite weary of many things such as politics, religion and so on. After 50-odd years of seeing the same old tired arguments back and forth I have come to the conclusion that frankly, people are gullible, silly or both.  I know how arrogant that sounds but I really don’t know how else to say it. Politicians and religious zealots are very clever and use tried and tested methods to disseminate their divisive and hate-filled rhetoric to a willing audience of people who propagate it without so much as a thought – myself included at times. I haven’t voted in years and I don’t think I will ever bother to do so again. Apathy has set in.

I work in commodity markets analyzing the various software packages and technologies out there. I need to stay up to speed with all the latest in terms of commodities news, trading technologies and entities, regulations and so on. It is an incredibly complex industry but it is one that in recent years as prices have gone up, the politicians have targeted along with various consumer groups. You know, none of us like higher prices for food and energy but some of the stuff I have read about manipulation, speculation, greed and so on is so silly, so utterly devoid of truth, so simplistic and lacking any insight into the business that it makes me ill. Yes, it makes me sick. It is so ridiculous and so counter productive and so pervasive it simply makes me ill thinking about it.

Same thing with this global warming stuff or whatever sophisticated name they are giving it these days. The propaganda issued forth on this topic and the fear and uncertainty and doubt it creates makes me ill too. It has got so bad that it is now routine to hear CO2 called a pollutant in the media and even on the street. This is so upside down and back to front that I cannot, simply cannot fathom why anyone who for a second stopped to think would fall for it? But people do. For some its a religion and a mantra to the point they would rather eliminate humanity to preserve the Earth from us. There is this unrelenting focus on the oil industry or the energy industry and how bad it is and full of greed and … well basically much the same story for commodity markets really. This is an industry that creates jobs – good jobs, pushes science and technology and finds and produces natural resources for not just energy but almost everything we all take for granted. People forget I think that plastics, for example, are an oil product. What would life be without plastic?

Some of the other brain dead arguments are that the science is proven (philosophically impossible), that climate scientists say this is the truth therefore it must be (what is a climate scientist? Do they really understand statistics, archeology or geology? (the answer to that is as follows – no, no and no), where is the so called science we are told exists? (temperature curves are a form of statistics, show me one version and I will show you 10 others with the same data – all different). Where is the logic? If the Earth has had ice ages with CO2 levels 10 times of those today don’t we have a logic problem with the argument that 30ppm extra CO2 today causes an extinction event due to massive warming? I think so.

If you try to engage yourself in constructive debate on any of these topics these days what we get back is abuse. There is no debate to be had anymore so people resort to abuse. In the recent Scottish Independence thing, I discovered something else that made me ill. It was that many Scots, whether they know it or not, are racist – yes, anti-English racists. They have no sense of humour and God help us if an English person pokes fun at Scotland…….Hang on a minute. Why? We are talking about an imaginary man-made border here between people that last time I examined pooped and peed the same way and had the same basic needs and yet, we allow ourselves to be hijacked by people who use hate to divide us. I had one good friend tell me his ancestors were cleared off their land to make way for sheep by the English. I see. Well, so were mine in Yorkshire. I don’t have a chip on my shoulder about it why the hell do you? Did they do this to you then or what? And, who are we talking about anyway – what English? The norman french ones? Utter codswallop. Really. Makes me ill to think people are like this.

I am trying to not read news sites – it is a tad easier when you live in a country with a different language that you are not so proficient in. But it is making me ill. I am trying not to take things too seriously but even people that I know well and respect fall for the most basic of hate-riddled garbage at times… it is hard to avoid. If I didn’t have family I think I would try to find a place to go to get away from it all – a remote place somewhere.

Meanwhile, I have lost faith in humanity. That is not a good thing.

Work Space Blog Hop

So, once again I have been ‘nominated‘ on one of these blog hop things… this time to show off my work space!! So here goes.

I work from home in a small space fondly referred to as my office but in reality its the small guest bedroom and one could scarcely fling a cat in it… Strangely enough, it is almost the smallest room in our Brno apartment and, if you remove sleep hours from the equation, I probably spend 70% of my time sat in the corner of this small space. Rather bizarre when I come to think about it that way. It is my office, where I write, where I promote and market, where I meditate, where I deal with the mundane things like paying bills for example, its where I watch Hull City games on the internet, where I listen to music and, if my guitar was fully functional, where I would play that too. The photo below is dark I apologize but it gives an idea of how small this space is.


For my birthday this year I was bought an iMAC – I love the machine both in terms of its design and functionality. I also like that via the iCloud, it shares photos and music with my iPhone and iPad – Guess I like Apple products! Thats a photo of my Dad on Eigg with me many, many years ago hidden away in the corner but it reminds me of a great week spent with him.


The furniture is horrible cheap IKEA stuff I bought a while ago just to have somewhere to write and file stuff not realizing I would end up spending so much time here. We are looking for better, more spacious furniture so this may change in the near future. A more comfortable seat would be nice…

I also use this office to display some of my treasured items – photos of my kids, my Dad, Mum and drawings by Deni – That’s her looking down at me! A self portrait.

Among those treasured possessions are my Hull City stuff…


Of course, I also keep my books in here as well – it is all rather cramped. I’m afraid that much of my collection was left in Houston years ago and is now in storage somewhere so what I have are really just the books I treasure and consult very often – along with lots of bureaucratic files of old tax returns – US and Czech republic as I have to file in both countries – as well as documents relating to my various businesses. I bought those weights once thinking I might use them – how foolish! also there are my magical diaries, books to learn Czech and one or two other books that just get stored here. The photos are of Gabriela and my eldest son Paul sitting in the pilots seat of a Boeing 747 over the Atlantic taken years ago when terrorism on planes was unknown and pilots would welcome kids to the cockpit while in flight…



I am messy and allow things to pile up on the desk – today its not too bad as we had overnight guests a week ago and I had to tidy up! The lighter is for candles as I no longer smoke and I burn those candles in the blue sodalite candle holder by the speaker there…

I mostly write with music – meditation or otherwise – and so the speakers are an important part of my writing toolset.

So there you go…. this is where it all happens…. or doesn’t.

I will turn over this blog hop to Nick Wale as he too works at home in Prague and I would love to see how he is set up. Additionally, I will nominate  a prolific poet who I have never met and don’t know but I sure enjoy his poems…. – Paul F. Lenzi. I hope they don’t mind….