Big Man

Clouds collide
The Big Man
Upstairs is moving again
Packing his bags
And stomping his feet
Thunder rolls across the land
Rain falls in sheer sheets

Hanging heavy
Pregnant steam
Electricity in motion
Sparking an arc
Lightening issues forth
Flashing an angry stab
Vicious energetic force

The Big Man is angry
In fury, he spits
The elements
Fire and water
Sound and fury
Thundering flashes
Of Godlike rage

The fire of His anger
Soon subsides
Water falls more gently
Washes away the ire
And soon peace returns
Radiant warmth in azure sky
Free of all concerns



We live in a beautiful street just outside the city center of Brno in the Czech Republic. Its beautiful because it comprises of houses built in and around 1900 at a time when the Czech Republic was an industrial powerhouse in central Europe. The families that built these homes were wealthy and it shows in the art nouveaux decorations, construction materials and size of the homes. Designed for a well to do family and their servants, most now are apartment buildings with 3-5 families per building. I have always been intrigued by the motifs on the buildings down the street and I am reproducing some of them below. There is one building I am saving for later and will write a separate blog article on it…..

If anyone can cast light on who these faces and figures etc. might represent and wether they were mass produced or unique additions, I would love to know…



















Moon Whispers – A Shameless Plug for Sales.

So as we approach another weekend and some leisure time I will give my new collection of poetry one more plug and then let it die quietly like all the others. Its the weekend, so why not spend just a small amount of money and purchase a copy of Moon Whispers? or actually, if you want a good tale of murder, magic, mayhem, parallel universes, and much much more – The Last Observer awaits you!

Moon whispers

Moon Whispers
A new collection of 30 poems about life, reality and everything.

G. Michael Vasey understands the power of the word. In Moon Whispers, he takes obvious care not to convolute a simple message, exercising an economy of words when it is due, to reveal clean, crisp vignettes of his inner landscape. From tantalizing homages to food in “50 Shades of Food” to life’s more existential questions, as in “Touching Emptiness” and the quote inspired “So What Am I?”, readers will be more appreciative of each of their senses and yet wondering what lies beyond what they perceive with them.
Dielle Ciesco, author of The Unknown Mother: A Magical Walk with the Goddess of Sound and Your True Voice: Tools for Embracing a Fully Expressed Life

Moon Whispers is a tender and beautifully-crafted collection of poems that can touch the deepest layers of our soul. Like the sound of a favorite song on the radio or the recognition of truth in an unexpected place, it brings light and happiness into the heart with every verse.
Daniela I. Norris, author of On Dragonfly Wings and Collecting Feathers

‘Moon Whispers – A new poetry collection’ is the fourth outing into the world of lyric and melody by Michael Vasey. This continually fascinating and ever-maturing writer has succeeded in assembling a cornucopia of new ideas, visions, and comments on his personal universe and the world ‘out there’.

A title like ‘Julia Robert’s Smile’ is typical of the poet’s wry humour. These lines from another piece neatly combine word play and a satirical edge.

Bit by bit
Byte by byte

The combination of the classic and the contemporary is never far away. A line like ‘Forged in ancient fire’ manages to sit quite comfortably with this pair in another poem seen later in the collection.

Houston, I heard you calling
Or am I confusing you with the Clash?

The piece entitled ‘All at sea’ shows Vasey’s optimism is never far away, though he often questions whether he always possesses that quality himself. The depth of his feelings combined with an acute intelligence have, however, produced the joyous lines,

Following a golden sunbeam
Tumbling through life’s dream

Besides his poetry collections, Vasey’s other forays into authorship, ‘The Mystical Hexagram’ – and his splendid novel ‘The Last Observer’ shows a varied dimension of thought and an endless imagination.

Gordon Strong, Author of The Way of Magic, Merlin – Master of Magick, and many others

Available now on Amazon sites in paperback for less than a fiver! and Kindle formats for a few pennies.

Am I Alone?

I must confess that I often wonder if I am in fact alone.

I mean, are any of YOU actually REAL? Much more likely, you are all figments of my furtive imagination.

Think about it. The only thing that can really be real to us are our own experiences. Those experiences are second hand since if I touch you, it is in fact something in my brain that interprets what that touch should feel like and hell, what is ‘feeling’ anyway? Its something in my consciousness and in my brain and nothing to do with the atoms and molecules of my hand brushing against the atoms and molecules of you. Our entire experience of OUT THERE is ….. INSIDE OF US.

You do not exist people I know it. I create you in my mind and consciousness and there is just me. I am alone.

Perhaps this is really The Matrix and I paid money to play this game. Pushed into this creation for a while to experience something different? As I have written before, even though I awoke this morning and knew continuity in my life, there is no proof that yesterday ever happened. It could simply be an experience programmed into my consciousness to give me context for today. I am alone and just for the day.

Think about it. Well, if you have any reality outside of my consciousness, think about it and get back to me…. Are you real?

Or am I alone?


In the Domain of Asteroth

Several months ago I moved this blog to the set up from my own private hosting arrangement. It does seem to get better traffic and more readers and so I have moved my other blog too. My other blog, Asteroth’s Domain, is my original blog that in some form or other has been online since 2006. As you might imagine, its been through several reiterations but the posts there include material back to 2006. A word of warning! Asteroth’s Domain is explicitly about the occult, magic, alchemy, and reality as I see it. I don’t post there often. Perhaps once a month at most (and I will admit to adding an odd promotional item for my books there too) but if you are NOT into that kind of stuff, give it a miss. If you are, please go take a look and I hope you find something there to make you think.


The name Asteroth’s Domain wasn’t selected at random either. Asteroth is the name of a contact I established while working on the Servants of the Light first degree course in Houston, TX. Over 5-years of daily meditation and following the monthly lessons sent by mail from the Channel Isles had a huge impact on me. So much that I wrote a book about the whole thing – my first effort called Inner Journeys: Explorations of the Soul (Thoth 2005). Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, the current Director of Studies, very much supported the idea and kindly wrote a foreword for the book as well.

Why Domain? Well, Asteroth introduced me to a couple of locations in hyperspace or on the Astral Plane if you want. One was a place to go to meditate and contemplate and this is where I would be joined by Asteroth in what She terms the Garden of Remembrance – hence I called it Asteroth’s Domain.

Anyway, this is my invitation to you all to come over and visit with me and Asteroth in our domain….. Hope to see ya’ll there!

The Seemingly Forgotten Book

Of all the books I have written, The Mystical Hexagram stands out for me. The hexagram was a bloody obsession to me for about 7-years (7! ha!). I needed some help to get the book over the finish line too and the emergency services arrived to breathe life into a sagging manuscript in the form of Sue Vincent. I even put a poem or two in it.


Of Saturn and Lead I speak
The basest metal of all
Heaviness, darkness
Hidden from the light
My soul sees the night

A burden I cannot carry
Instincts abandoned return
Spiraling downward
Galena’s sulfur suffocates
All that Saturn advocates

Saturnalia is explained
Deep need for some relief
Base needs expunged
A temporary respite
Daytime during night

Daath sees from on high
These things I must leave behind
My throat begs to speak
Words chosen with care
My soul now laid bare

As Emperor I see
Father to my imaginings
Mother to my world
Saturn’s child consumed
Now- my life resumes

The publisher we chose is a small and SOL oriented publisher called Datura Press but the book is also available in Kindle format as well.

Perhaps The Mystical Hexagram is destined to be an obscure little book that once in a while someone reads. Of those that read it, fewer will understand it but I do hope that those that do have their eyes opened to what I experienced in the depths of this symbol…… I remain convinced that the secret of secrets is in there somewhere.

In an attempt to publicize the book, I also produced a short book video…

Summer is Here….

Just a couple of days ago we had the heating on and watched as horizontal rain fell and the cold wind battered the trees. Two days later and I am sat sweating in summer heat and watching small puffy white clouds slowly drift across the summer sky. An amazing transformation. An amazing show.

Two days ago it was winter
Chilly winds blew in the freezing rain
Clouds hung leaden as if to fall
Clinging to the ground in deep disdain
Today, the Sun shines brightly and
The sky is a deep azure blue
Its now summer apparently
Flowers have sprung as if on cue
Mother nature is keeping us guessing
And with our heads she is a messing
Give the Goddess our silent blessing
Unpredictably wild is she
Constantly beguiling me
Reveling in her deity