Buyer’s Confusion

I am in the market potentially for a bike. The Czechs love to cycle and there is much to see on a bike here and lots of bike paths and routes and so on. Its a bikers’ paradise.  Additionally, I just seem incapable of losing any weight whatever I do so I figure cycling more may help keep me fit, healthy and slimmer.

But boy, how difficult it is to buy a bike!

There seems to be around 20 odd brands and all of them make bikes in every category with minor differences and so my entry level bike choice probably numbers one of 30-40 different bike models and brands. Its no use asking the shop people which is the best value as they won’t tell you to go to another store now will they. From what I can gather, it comes down to frame and components but how you are supposed to know which components are superior to others is beyond me. I have even researched on the internet and reckon you would need to be mad crazy about bikes to ever know what it is you need to know to buy a bike.

The other thing that gets me is the price of bikes. Yes, you can pick up a cheap bike in a supermarket but my experience and research suggests these fall apart pretty quickly and I have heard them described as ‘death traps’ by the experts. For a real bike $500 seems to be about the minimum and it goes on from there. I saw a bike yesterday that had a price on it of $16,000 – you could buy a car for that!

My point though is that its now just bikes that pose a buying dilemma but more or less anything. Want a new TV? Take a look at all of those TVs in the showrooms – brands, types, sizes – what the hell makes one TV twice as expensive as another and how am I supposed to know this? Phones… washing machines… anything – we are spoilt for choice and such a broad choice that every purchase decision requires you to become an expert on the topic. It contributes to the stress of life that I simply am at the mercy of choice.

In the end then, how do I choose? Perhaps its just how a thing looks – color, design and shininess? I do my research, I shop around but invariably I fall in love with something despite myself. It may not be the best, have the best price etc. but I like it. Inevitably, the bike I end up buying will be the one I simply fell in love with…..



The Flame

I am but a small and fragile flame

I flicker and seek to grow

I think myself apart and

Desire to grow much brighter

To enflame the World

The Truth is I am of the Fire

I am simply a part of the whole

Awareness is all I really desire

I am the fire

And I am of The Fire

An aspect of the One

From the book Astral Messages by Dr. G. Michael Vasey available on all Amazon sites.



The Power of a Song!

It’s just a song

But it echoes of yesterday.

Memories are triggered

By a simple set of chords.

Images floating on by

Regrets or perhaps simply

Happy cherished memories.

The simple power of a song

Was that a good time?

If only I could go back there

Meet people and go back to places

Now long gone and passed by

Perhaps meaningless at the time

Taken in with that fleeting feeling

Of immortality that only comes

With the arrogance of our youth.


Easter Monday Freebies

Happy Easter from me.

On Easter Monday and just for the day, you can grab a Kindle version of my first two books of poetry for FREE…. Don’t miss it!

Poems for the Little Room, Lulu, 2012

This is my second book of poetry originally published via Lulu but now re-published via Creatspace to get it wider availability and a better price. It combines images and poems that range from a humorous look at a Czech TV interviewer Jan Kraus through to stories of idyllic love – both for partner and daughter. The idea behind this over sized book was that it would be ideal for that little room where guests only want something to leaf through for a short time! Hence its name….

ISBN-10: 1493783114
ISBN-13: 978-1493783113

Weird Tales: Other World Poetry


+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Weird Tales: Other world Poetry, Booksurge, 2006
Weird Tales Cover

Weird Tales is the second book published by Dr. G. Michael Vasey and it is a collection of poems or simply ‘words on paper.’ 31 poems written over many years ranging from love poems to comments on modern society. It’s all there….

There are words
I could use to tell you
Exactly how I feel
But they have no meaning
For they are just words
Awkward sounds juxtaposed
Lacking translation
Losing their meaning

ISBN-10: 141965277X
ISBN-13: 978-1419652776


Happy downloading!


Hard Dreams

Since we moved back into our apartment in Brno, I have dreamed and dreamed hard. Every night. Vivid dreams that I don’t always recall much of but recall the vividness all the same. I wonder, why would that be?

I seem to dream of planes a lot. I watch as they take off, stall, bounce (!) and then explode. Or I watch planes flying low and last night, I watched a plane flying and being constantly struck by lightening from a cloud above. My dreams are vivid but dark like horror movies. Not frightening but menacing in terms of the visuals and atmosphere. Last night, I was running to escape something and everywhere I run there was someone or something so I had to shift direction again. I had no idea what I was running from nor what threat these people held.

Another facet of these dreams is large, old and unconventional houses. Last night, my bedroom was like something from a horror movie – all wood and oak panels – but it had no roof nor walls from the rest of the house but a tent structure to place over it at night.

The night before, as I was dreaming, a voice said as clear as day in my ear – completely unrelated to my dream the following words…: “X has collapsed and died” I awoke in confusion and had to get up and check my messages and phone to be sure both then and in the morning that X was in fact still alive and kicking.

So, why am I dreaming these vivid dreams? What do they mean?

Of course, I only now recall a fraction of them but I do recall the other night taking a Taxi that went into a tunnel system below the City. Due to blocked tunnels and gates we could not get to the airport I was going to until we bumped into my usual taxi driver who was able to give us a route that worked. Arriving at the airport, I had forgotten my bag, passport and other items and couldn’t board.

I don’t recall having had such a period of vivid dreams ever before……. hard dreaming I call it.



Am I Just a Grumpy Old Sod?

I am reaching my mid-fifties mark and I often now hear my mother’s voice from 20-30 years ago telling me she sometimes felt like she was 20 but more often like she was 70. When she arrives here in June for a break I need to her ask her how it feels to be 78!

While I know that I am certainly wiser and more experienced, a little more patient and have a better idea of what is really important and what is not, I am more short-tempered than I used to be. I really don’t know why. I just am. Gabriela surprised me not so long ago as I remarked about someone’s behaviour around me and she told me I intimidate people because I look pissed off! I hadn’t realised this but once told, I’m sure its true.

I do sometimes feel like I am 70 and perhaps its is this that makes me a bit grumpy? I tire more easily mentally than I once did especially when it is noisy in the background and noise irritates me a lot (if it isn’t me that is making it).

I also notice that I am much more opinionated. I don’t really mean by this inflexible or not open to reasoned argument and discussion but more that I have heard the arguments on certain topics so many times over my life that I hardly can bear to hear discussion on these topics anymore. I made my mind up years ago and its unlikely my mind will be changed on issues such as abortion, gay and lesbians, personal liberty, freedom of speech, the monarchy, etc. Oh – and that includes global warming – now called climate change or climate disruption….

On some of these issues I find myself needing to get involved because the current prevailing political landscape or what is on TV and in the papers irritates me no end. Have people lost the ability to think? I ask as I feel the irritation rising in my stomach and throat.

I am a grumpy old sod. There can be no doubt of that. I do have an issue with irritation (it’s not truly anger where I see red and want to hit something) or frustration or something. Grumpy is the right word for it. This doesn’t stop me from being a kind, loving thoughtful person but it can make me seem a bit cranky and fearsome apparently….

It’s OK though really – I don’t bite! Really, I don’t.

Victor Meldrew

Games and Things

What a great game the FA Cup semi-final turned out to be. End to end stuff and 8 goals. Of course, Hull City won which means that for the first time in 110 years, Hull City will appear in an FA Cup Final. Its been quite a season for us ‘Ull fans…..I do believe in destiny and I have a funny feeling about all of this… Arsenal can be beaten…..So, I did have a beer too many on Sunday I must admit. Oh well….