A Dream – From The Astral Messages Collection….

I dreamed a dream
that everything was me
There was no you
because you were me
I was a circulating void of energy
Carrying a stream of visuals
Everything was one
And that one was me
I felt sadness and joy
Sad that you don’t know
That you are really me
that the you-me fights me
Mistreats and abuses me
But joy that me is eternal
And will not end
I am a stream of energy
I am a sound
I am All there is
I am a crowd
I am me and me is you

From Astral Messages, Createspace (2013)


Wakey Wakey People….

Back in 2005, I wrote and published a book called Inner Journeys: Explorations of the Soul (Thoth) about my own personal spiritual journey. Although a personal tale, some of the thoughts were that all is one and that we are all expressions of the same Divine form – we have just forgotten this. I also discussed reality and how we create our reality, how time and space are fabrications of the human mind and how meditation is the key to self-discovery.

Several books that I have read recently for one reason or another echo my own individual journey. I just finished Believe and its True by Deborah Lloyd. Deborah Lloyd tells the story through a series of chapters that track her life and the lessons that she has learned from it. Each chapter concludes with a short observation about how to live life based on her experiences. It is a pleasure to read as the story is told with an innocent excitement and joy of life that all too often is missing from people’s lives. Ms. Lloyd is from the American mid-west, a rural and Christian background growing up in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Her young life was blighted by polio, painful surgeries and low self-esteem. She married young to Gary who shared something of the same rural, religious background. Fast forward to the 1990’s and through a series of coincidences Deborah and Gary start to become interested in alternative healing methods and approaches including Reiki and massage. As they allow these ‘new age’ methods into their lives, they begin to open to a variety of other ideas and concepts such as the spirit world, meditation and reincarnation. They discover healing, purpose and God’s will in all of this.

At the moment, I am reading Counterpoint to Reality by Stephen John O’Connor. I am only 6 or 7 chapters in but already I see the similarities. In this instance perhaps a closer parallel to my own journey as Mr. O’Connor was with AMORC and several other occult and esoteric schools himself. But what do we find there – you can create your own reality and to do so you must first find yourself and learn to differentiate between the ego and the higher self.

I could go on. I have read many books recently all written in the last 10-years or so. Each is an individual’s unqiue and personal jounry so different in so many respects and yet the conclusions are remarkably similar;

1. All is One
2. We have a divine essence which is experiencing itself through us (perhaps in a dream)
3. We can create or dictate our own reality
4. The key to this is to know ourselves via quiet contemplation in meditation where we can connect with our Higher Self.


It is as if a whole host of people are beginning to awaken. Attempting to shake off the sleep, open our eyes and finally see. It’s just like the Matrix for real.

Isn’t it?

Add to this the books of folk like Anthony Peake who is helping feed this waking up process, or a website like Acopalypse-how.com, or even a novel like my own The Last Observer – all of these books by hundreds if not thousands of people are knocking on the fabric of every person’s core and saying – wakey wakey….


Sometimes I despair. Today is one of those days. Despite the fact that I do not appreciate Miley Cyrus’s exploits in front of camera. No, lets be honest – I think she is a total idiot and a horrible role model for my daughter….. but, I absolutely love her record – Wrecking Ball – despite myself. What the hell is wrong with me? Guess she has singing talent after all….

That hurt me to say..

Now – I also have to say this has to be the worst video ever made… Sorry, but what the hell were you thinking when you agreed to make this video Ms. Cyrus?

This Sickness

A couple of days ago I remarked on how people who create fear-based fantasy stories and call them factual news seem to get a lot of traffic. It seems people like to read nonsense stories about Alien invasion, Government conspiracy, Government cover-ups and so on whether they have any factual substance or not. Seth at Apocalypse-How.com calls this doom fiction or doom porn and he is right. Gullible folk want their daily fix of fear. I guess most people simply don’t think or analyse news stories at all and simply believe everything they read even if it simply doesn’t make sense. They even grow protective and emotional over their beliefs such that to try to explain that a comet is really just a comet somehow make YOU the illogical person! To me this is weirdness that I cannot understand.

That being said, it really really makes me very angry when I read/see nonsense stories like the following;

– Proof of Paul Walker being Murdered by a Rocket Attack
– 10 Reasons Why “Fast and Furious” Star Paul Walker Was Assassinated by a Drone Strike
– Paul Walker wanted out

For me, you see this crosses the line. It’s fine to make up fairy tales about Aliens, Freemasons, the Royals etc. but to immediately jump on the very sad and tragic death of someone who was by all accounts a really nice person, twist it and fabricate it as a conspiracy story is beyond disrespectful. Its beyond indecent. It is unacceptable. It is sick.

I am almost finished with a book called the Prague Cemetery by Umberto Eco. It caused some controversy when it came out as it is full of anti-semitic and anti-everyone diatribes on the part of the anti-hero. But, it essentially takes one person who makes up hate filled nonsense and sells it to a gullible world where it festers and inflames. Since the documents and the events in the novel are real and only the central unlikable character is fiction, one can immediately see how such material eventually results in the rise of Hitler and 6 million dead jews.


These days, I hope that this kind of hate-filled venomous nonsense rapidly gets buried in the pile of steaming crap that is doom porn on the internet and never really results in someone really taking it seriously – but you can never be sure…..

The Last Observer – What Are You Missing?

The Last Observer: A Magical Battle For Reality, Roundfire, 2013
LO Cover

The Last Observer is a compelling fictional tale of magic, alternative realities, murder and conflict. An ordinary man is abruptly dragged into the middle of a violent struggle between black and white magicians who both seek to use his extraordinary powers of imagination and observation. He soon learns that reality is not at all what it seems before being called upon to play a decisive role in determining whose reality will prevail.

I am fascinated by what makes up reality. Faith can move Mountains it is said. In fact, faith in an ability to imagine into reality a mountain moving is what magick really is. So what might happen if a black magic cult wanted to change the world and they decided to do it via imagination and magic? Read the book and find out.

ISBN-10: 1782791825
ISBN-13: 978-1782791829

The Last Observer: A Magical Battle for reality

Selected Reviews

“The Last Observer is one of those wonderful novels that can be read in an afternoon and discussed with your friends for weeks afterward.” Mark Stavish

“If you enjoy a story filled with good character development, good versus evil, pure hearts versus dark souls and unlikely heroes then this will be a book that will leave you looking forward to Mr. Vasey’s next installment.: Sylvia from Texas

“This book is FUN. It is a very fast paced read with more emphasis on action than on detail… or so it seems until you realize that along with the dose of entertainment you’ve been drawn in to an intense lesson on the nature of reality.” Darcy

“For such a small book, 112 pages, it packs a punch. The ‘Last Observer’ is a compelling read which includes magic, alternative realities, a number of murders and happy ever afters.” Francis

Available now from all Amazon sites and many, many other online bookstores around the world.

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Banks – The Thieves and Crooks of the 21st Century

Have you ever tried to wire money from one country to another? If you live overseas like me then you can add this issue to the long list of difficulties you will face as an ExPat. Let me explain.

Wiring money overseas via a bank is an archaic process so far as I can figure. It takes 24-48 hours to perform this transaction in the days of instant email communication. Why? Next, you will pay the originating bank a fee – usually a fixed fee but it can also be a percentage of the amount being wired up to some maximum (meaning – its NOT cheap). You can set up the transaction to pay the fees on one side or split them between the originator and receiver in most instances.


But what happens when the wire is executed? Well, unless your bank and the recipient bank are directly connected (unlikely), at least one additional ‘correspondent’ bank gets involved. Guess what, in many instances you have no control over who this is (i.e. the bank determines which is most convenient for them – not the most convenient for you). Further, the correspondent bank has the right it seems to charge a fee too – and the sender has no way to know in advance nor control whether a fee is taken or not! Apparently, once the correspondent bank has your money they can pretty much do as they please. There doesn’t appear to be any set of rules or obligations governing the correspondent. For example, I had a correspondent bank in a recent US Dollar wire to a US Dollar account in the Czech Republic decide to convert my USD to CZK – at an exchange rate of its choosing! I.e this bank decided to profit from me by exchanging my money unneccasarily at an exchange rate designed for it to make an obscene profit. Guess what – yes – when the money arrived at my account, my bank had to exchange it back to USD at another crappy exchange rate thus I lost $300 of my money.

The issue is no one is accountable or responsible at either bank. If you complain to your bank they blame the other. A call to the receiving bank is met with a finger pointed back at the sending bank. Around and around you go with no one accepting responsibility for the ‘error’ made in sending your cash. This is most frustrating when the money simply disappears. about one time in three, the wired money leaves your account but doesn’t show up at all. Neither bank seems to know where it is or if it will arrive and you have to then pay an additional ‘reclamation fee’ for them to work it out.

Yes, the banks are thieves and crooks operating to their own rules with no sense of customer service. Why?, because they can.

I hope that Bitcoin and other such ‘currencies’ really take off. This way the banks will lose business. If I can send money overseas with no fee and see that money arrive at the speed of email why would I ever use the w(b)ankers again? However, I’m not holding out much hope. Once the banks see their profits slipping away they will pressure their politician buddies to stop it.

Hull City 3 – Liverpool 1

It just took us 109-years to beat Liverpool in a real game (we did beat them 3-0 in a friendly a couple of years ago) but to do it so comprehensibly and actually make Liverpool look terrible just puts the icing on the cake for me. I mean, in all seriousness it could and should have been a 5-1 drubbing as Hull simply cannot score (Elmo should have scored and so too should have Sagbo). What a day!