Finding Middle Ground

These days I see increasing polarization of views. As I have said many times before, you only have to go to any news or political site and check out the comments and discussions – it isn’t discussion, it’s angry, opinionated people dissing each other. I even wrote an article that I am sure raised some eyebrows and maybe lost me a few ‘friends’ called New Age Socialists – I realized afterwards it should probably have been called New Age Fascists but never mind. The fact is that people seem to hold and even gravitate to more and more extreme views and more and more despise others for holding the opposite viewpoint.


Over the last 10-years or so I have been taught to reconcile the opposites. I have delved deeply into studying polarity via the Hexagram and I have been instructed in meditation to ‘reconcile the opposites’. I am absolutely convinced this is the correct approach and it should be applied to everything in life including politics. To reconcile the opposites we have to drop the ‘ego’ bit though and that is difficult. But look, in the end, its people that ruin perfectly good political systems like capitalism and communism through their greed and desire to control, subjugate and belittle through their inability to know themselves and reconcile the opposites.

Years ago, I lost interest in politics. How many times can you argue over something without seeing both points of view? I came to the conclusion that all politicians are in it for themselves and that we shouldn’t encourage them by voting. I think they all have the same ‘boss’ anyway and they and their polarity are there to keep us all divided so we don’t actually see what is going on. Politics and politicians thrive on deepening differences, hurting old wounds and appealing to your greed, need to control and ego. Frankly, they are all deeply ill in my opinion 🙂

There are always more than two sides to any coin and, depending on your perspective, one can be right and the other wrong and this can switch as your personal perspectives change. We need a good evil in our lives sometimes from which to learn and grow. But, we should also know better shouldn’t we? There is no true right or wrong in politics unless you resolve to find the middle ground at least or even better reconcile the opposites to understand the issues and obtain the product of that reconciliation. Even this can change because there are three levels of polarity and while we may resolve one, the other two remain (see The Mystical Hexagram for an explanation of this latter point).

So, I am sorry, but if you are following the path I am following, you can’t label yourself Labor, Republican, Tea Party etc. The only thing you are is you at this moment. You cannot surely hate someone for holding opposite views because this in itself is a reflection of the hate you feel for yourself and it is a warning that you have unfinished business in knowing yourself.


I’m not sure what the answer is for right now, I dislike all politicians and their lies and divisiveness. As I look at various issues, I try to look at all angles and find a solution that is workable for the majority. Imperfect but not meant to be divisive. I suspect that the real truth here is Love. Love is the secret ingredient to reconciliation of the opposites. How many of you approach your politics with love? I suspect not many as you are made to feel the bitterness of injustice and divisiveness that politicians thrive on.

Personally, I think our political structures and systems have ran their course. I would like to see some real and fundamental change but I fear it will be slow coming because too many are addicted to the divisiveness and the need to be right. Look for the middle ground.


Man in the Sky


Imagine a Man in the sky
Sitting all alone, poor guy
Thought he’d had a bit of fun
Play a game and then be done
He imagined so very, very hard
Opened his eyes and sighed
Seeing the beauty of it all

Better than being so fucking bored
Now I will be the one and only Lord
Mini me’s to worship me
And proclaim my divinity
They strut upon my stage
Hoping to avoid my rage
When they turn their back on me

Look at how they multiply
Many are born and fewer die
They deny that I exist at all
Chasing money and having a ball
I grow weary of watching and waiting
Find them so bloody aggravating
It’s Time to play another game




Heavily scented paragraphs
Interlaced with passion
Pale luminescent skin
Shining under full moonlight
Radiantly twitching
Beguiling, bewitching
Mouthed words of silence
Hallowed places
Boiling emotions scattered
Floating raggedly by
An endless chastened sigh
Belonging yet constantly longing
Heat dashed vibrant thighs
Senses on the edge of darkness
Entwined they simply lie
In one soul searching cry

Poem from Astral Messages

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The Ache

This inner longing
It rises sharply
curling, winding, unbending
Seeking, I know not what
Snakelike, uncoiling
My senses boiling
An ache so deep
A need so great
Needing, I know not what


It’s in the trees
It’s in the fields
Its also in the mountains
The hand emerges
Sword held aloft
Ripples form and spread

It’s everywhere I turn
But can’t be reached
It’s all around me
The fires burn and burn
Flickering, twisting
Rising upwards and on

I’m lost in bliss
Sensing laughter – happiness
The aching rises
Seeking, writhing
But not finding
It’s release

Dear Lady take my hand
Lead me where you will
Be my guide, my Mother
Maiden, crone
Ease this ache
Let me know I’m not alone

All is one
It begins
Just to End
An endless return
The eternal Breath


I am a child
I feel alone
I ache to end it
To be reconciled
Cleansed, to rest
Hugged, caressed
One – with the Goddess


I have to say I am entirely disappointed by Goodreads. Goodreads is a website that is supposed to help you discover your next book to read and it has many members. It was acquired by Amazon as well recently. However, the site is poorly designed and I do hope that Amazon are investing a redo because I find it annoying that so many things actually don’t work there.


As an author, I also put up an author’s page but I have discovered that this really isn’t worth the effort either and here is why:

1. People are allowed to rate books on a 5-star system. Fine and dandy. The problem is there are no checks built in to see if the reader has actually read the book! So, I can go to any book and give it 1-star just like that and just because I felt like it. Furthermore, the book can be ranked even before its release date! So, don’t pay any attention to a book’s rating as its garbage frankly and, if you are an author, be aware that there are people who will give you a 1-star just for the hell of it.

2. You can rank a book without writing a single word of a review…… surely, if you are ranking a book at least a line should be required about your experience with the book?

3. Giveaways – yes, authors can run giveaways of their books and you can win a free book. Problem – people actually create tens if not hundreds of fake accounts and enter multiple times. There are no checks or balances on this as far as I can see. But it wouldn’t be difficult to do this would it?

These are just three issues I have with the site. The fact is, why would I allow a site to recommend books to me if the ratings are nonsense? as an author why would I do a give away if I knew that 20% of all the entries were the same person?

And by the way, as an author I find it intriguing that while 1000 people add your book to their reading list, not one of them ever reads it. What is that about?

In summary, I can’t recommend Goodreads either as an end user or as an author until amazon sort the mess that site is out once and for all.


This morning, for the first time in a very long time, it was really quite foggy here in Prague. We live at the top of a hill and it was quite bizarre driving up the hill into the fog. For a moment, my imagination was off and I half expected to emerge on the other side of the foggy wall in a parallel universe. Most disappointingly, I didn’t.

When I was a boy, there seemed to be much more fog. Maybe there was as in industrial Britain of the 1960’s it was smog rather than fog that we were dealing with. Perhaps, it was just Hull situated between the coast and the River Humber on the flat plains of Holderness. Always damp and cold, fog just seemed a natural part of the landscape. I recall walking to school in the thickest fog. So thick, you could hide a few feet away from people safely enveloped in thick white mist. It made the world seem mysterious as with only a foot or two of vision, that space took on more importance so that you really saw what was there. It focused your vision I guess. It was a safe sort of magical feeling that I have not experienced in many years.

By now the mornings fog has burned off and the Sun streams through my window. As I look down the street, I can see Prague below us reflecting back from the valley. Its an impressive view but it doesn’t photograph very well unfortunately.

1-new 020

Meanwhile, my memory is full of foggy days and foggy fun playing hide and seek in the stuff with my brothers and friends. Fog is like a blanket white canvas on which you can project your imagination and as children, we did.


I have three books of poetry in print. This is their story….

I began writing poems when I was a boy. It was an outlet. A few years ago, I found a huge pile of handwritten poems that I had written dating back to 1974 and, trust me, some were just downright embarrassing! Some, however, weren’t all that bad. I put these in a pile and typed them into MS WORD for better keeping and put them all in my poetry directory on my PC. I had about 50 poems there so I once again selected what I thought were some of the best and made them into a book. It was self-published off course but it was a nice little book of poems called Weird Tales: Other World Poetry (Booksurge, 2006).

A few years later, and many more poems later, I had what I thought was a bright idea. Poetry doesn’t sell well but what if I combined the poetry with some nice photos in an over sized book and targeted people who like to have the odd nice book in their lavatory! The idea came to me visiting a friend who’s little room had several quiet nice books in it including some short poetry books. This is how Poems for the Little Room (Lulu, 2012) cam about would you believe? Unfortunately, the paperback version is quite pricey via Lulu and I have never figured a way to get it into Kindle format so its only available via or from me either directly or from

Finally, this year I saw that I again had a lot of poems stacked up, some of which I thought were good. Again, I thought I would publish them but with another difference still trying to see if I could find a workable formula. This time, I would combine poems with articles from my blog Asteroth’s Domain in pairs. The poem and the article support one another and perhaps provide a basis for some meditation. The result called Astral Messages got a little lost in the marketing of my novella – The Last Observer – but nonetheless is out there…..

Now, to whet your appetite a bit, here is a poem from each…

Weird Tales – Heaven

Lips brush
Noses touch
Wrap myself around you
Tie you up in knots
And never let go

A hug
A kiss
Was all that it took
My knees go weak
And the heat rises

Life change
Headed in a new direction
And happy about it
Happy to be with you

A moment was all
How did I fall
Into the depths of love
A single meeting
An amazing greeting
And it was done

I find myself enrapt
How I want and need you
And that look in your eyes

Room spins
Kisses turn more urgent
And the smell of your skin
Surely, heaven is here

Poems for the Little Room – In My Head

I used to dream and imagine
Places I had never seen
I used to make up tunes
And sing them in my head
That world was real to me
More real than this one
I could be anyone
And do anything
In my head
I could be you
You could be me
In my head
In my inner world
In my deepest thoughts
Inside my head
I yearn to go back there
Visit more and more
What I create in that world
Is reflected in this one
What I am inside my head
Is what I become here

Astral Messages – Life’s Tapestry

The lines are blurred
And faces merged
The funniest thing you’ll see
Moments in time and space
Held close for eternity
Just pictures saved by memory
Like silent movies played
Flickering images passing by
Do these belong to me?
Or is everything I see
From another, not me
The colours and the smells
The angles lacking symmetry
The sounds and sights
Images bound in space
The inner revelries revealed
My life’s tapestry
Betwixt and between