Another Review for The Last Observer

My thanks to SC Vincent for this one – and my thanks also to her for encouraging me to write this story by demanding the next chapter each time I sent her an update….

How would you feel if the reality you knew as intimately as your own thoughts was suddenly brought into question? If, in fact, you became aware that the two were inextricably linked, not just within the confines of your imagination, but in actuality? And if you could begin to understand this strange, unsettling concept, what would you do when it was borne upon you that someone wanted to hijack that reality, twisting it for their own ends and putting more at risk than your life?

Such is the position in which Stanley finds himself. He is just an ordinary man, a loner with a vivid imagination who finds himself dragged into an unfamiliar world where those who share his talent are disappearing in strange and violent circumstances. In a strange and unexpected encounter, Stanley meets Edward, and the dangerous adventure begins.

At the centre of this dangerous web is the enigmatic figure of Zeltan, drawing in the human threads to weave a tapestry that could rewrite history. Dr Vasey’s intimate knowledge of the world of ritual magic is used to dramatic effect as its darker side mirrors the twisted mind of Zeltan, painting a vivid and harrowing picture of the abuse of the potential of the mind.

In ‘The Last Observer’ Dr Vasey explores the nature of reality and the human mind. With his usual incisive style he exposes the knife edge where ego and ambition pave the road to a personal hell and highlights the illusions under which we live, both in regard to the manifested world we see around us and our role within it.

This slim volume packs a thought provoking punch and is an addictive read. The fast paced story leads the reader through the twists and turns of the plot with a feel of being caught within the story. As indeed we are.

Do not look for magic wands, happy ever afters and fairytales within the book’s covers. The Last Observer hits home at the point where science and magic meet and will leave you questioning the nature of your own reality and your place within it.

SC Vincent


One of Those Days!

I know its not me that sometimes has one of those days but I do wonder if what constitutes one of those days for me is the same as others? For me, such days usually start poorly. I won’t have slept well or I woke up early or I didn’t want to get up. It seems to slide from there….

Today for example, my internet is playing up. Everything is slow as a result and I keep having to go and reset the router. I have a few people I really need to follow up with but none of them are answering the phone, email or Skype…. But most frustrating isn’t whats going on out there but inside of me. You see I can’t seem to do anything. I don’t seem able to figure out where to start and so I don’t. If I do start, I meet an issue and have to stop anyway. After a while, I actually don’t want to do anything and would rather aimlessly surf the net. Problem is, I have a lot I want to do but today I seem incapable of starting any of them. Are you also like this or is it just me?


Maybe its the weather. Yesterday it was unbearably hot and then we had ferocious storms over night and today its breezy and looks like more storms….

Oh well…. its almost the weekend.


People come in types
They all look the same
Patterns swirl within larger patterns
A glitch is hard to see
Unless you watch so carefully
Isn’t this like a movie?
interactive action
Repelling and then so much attraction


A video game, but one that stars me?
Do you think I paid to take this ride?
To do stuff or maybe hide out
For a rainy day or two
From that otherworld – the dream I dream
Which is real. Which not. A real mystery
Am I just a distraction for the other me
The one that’s more real than real?
The Godlike creator, player, actor
That struts his stuff on this matrix’d stage


Do you think I really have history?
Or am I just living for a day
Programmed context for an away day
To sleep is to return from whence I came
It really is just a video game.

First Independent Review by Alienora Taylor

‘The Last Observer’ by Dr G. Michael Vasey
Review by Alienora Taylo

Read at a gallop, this slim racehorse of a novel impressed me enormously with its speed and performance. I was unable to halt the literary ‘ride’ – and nor, in all honesty, did I wish to!

Dr Vasey plays with the conventional understanding of the word ‘observer’ to create a very different ‘tune’, one which contains within it the ability – inherent within most esoteric training – to affect reality through the medium of the imagination, of thought.

And, in Vasey’s intense fictional world, it is precisely this ability which is under attack by what could be defined as the Dark Side.

I do not wish to give the plot away because I think there is something to be said for delayed gratification – and the twists and turns of Vasey’s novel are a pleasure to be savoured!

I will, however, say this: his descriptions of the world of Ritual Magic, and particularly the rituals themselves, are brilliantly done – and eminently believable.

I love the way the Alison/Zeltan and Stanley/Edward strands interweave – and the twist at the end came as a shocking surprise.

I think it very clever the way Dr Vasey has stitched together the worlds of Quantum and of Magic to produce a colourful tapestry which allows us to ponder upon, and question, the nature of reality – and, indeed, our place, as collections of mutable atoms, within that.

I thoroughly recommend ‘The Last Observer’ – and shall be re-reading it myself before long!

The Last Observer’s First Chapter

It is short but it sets the scene…..

Chapter 1

A Dead Psychic

There was something remarkable about Michael Kent. His
crystal-clear and deep-set blue eyes, sunken into a pale and
haggard face, seemed to penetrate into the depths of your very
soul. He appeared to be capable of reaching inside of you so that
he could search through your entire contents without first having
had the courtesy to ask. Michael was a well-known psychic in
those parts. Locally famed, and at the same time loathed, for his
apparent ability to help the local constabulary solve unsolvable
crimes. Yet now he was an unsolvable crime himself.

Kent had been found dead just outside of his favorite pub, the
Rose and Crown. The back of his head caved in like a boiled egg,
and the contents of his larger-than-normal skull splattered about
the pavement. No one had seen how he had met this fate and the
local police remained stumped. Even in death, those eyes
glittered like opals as if taking in the entire world and reflecting
it back out again. His untimely death made the front page of the
local papers and had people whispering and gossiping for a few
days. Who had killed Michael Kent and why?

Edward sat reading the account of Michael’s death in an old
copy of that paper in a dimly lit and rather damp room of the
local library. Kent’s face stared out from the page and Edward felt
a strange sensation as if those eyes examined, and yes, even
judged him. For Edward, this strange and unsolved crime was
not an isolated incident but one of tens, or perhaps even
hundreds of similar murders that he had stumbled on almost by
accident. Psychics, it seemed, were dying in their droves and they
were dying strangely.

Edward leaned back in his creaky wooden chair and,
suddenly feeling as if his balance had been lost, he pushed
himself forward abruptly, attracting the disapproving looks of
his fellow library occupants. He went back over recent events
trying to convince himself that there surely couldn’t be anything
to this wave of psychic killings. However, something deep inside
told him there was.

For more information – visit Roundfire Books.

To pre-order your copy – visit Amazon (US) or Amazon (UK)


My Ever Increasing Waistline

I have never exactly been slim – well, not since I was in my teens anyway. I always carried a little weight but being tall, it wasn’t obvious. Then, about a year ago, the weight started slowly to creep on. I can’t say I changed my lifestyle much. I’m not sporty but I am reasonably active. Disaster though has finally struck. You see I quit smoking a few months ago and now I am overweight. My belly has an overhang for the first time in my life and I am thinking about shopping for a bra.

To be honest, I simply don’t get it. How could my reality have changed so negatively so fast? What did I do wrong?


I do like my food particularly sweet stuff that is true but I have cut back. I have started trying to be a bit more active as well but it seems to make no difference. Right now if I see food, my belly grows. It reminds me a bit of the joke about being on a sea food diet. I sea food and I eat it!

Even worse, in three weeks time we are flying to Florida for a two-week vacation. On the one hand, my new fatness probably won’t stick out like a sore thumb over there among the rest of the obese but on the other – the food! the portion sizes, the lazy inactivity! I am doomed, doomed I tell you.

I am about to start some new visualization techniques in which I am fit, active, tanned and have a manly figure. I’ll keep you posted.

Trying to Deny Reality

Apparently, in Russia, parliament just passed a bill making it illegal to tell children that gay people exist by 434-0. The bill goes much further than that of course in its defense of ‘traditional sexuality’. Russia, it seems to me is stepping ever closer to the totalitarian nonsense from which it all too recently escaped. In fact, I think its a more dangerous country now than it was before because it pretends to be a democracy.

It never ceases to amaze me how hard some countries, politicians or normal folks go to deny reality and restrict freedom. If there was one thing I could do to change the world it would be this – to teach people that its OK to have your religion, beliefs or views but to stop forcing them on others. This is where everything appears to go wrong when a person or a group believe that they have the truth and exclusively the truth and everyone else should be made to conform to their version of the truth.


Truth is elusive. In fact, I am not sure there is one version of the truth. We all see the world through the lenses of our bigotry and ignorance and it is not possible for us to see the truth. We are only capable of seeing our own warped version of it. As Jesus said “You see the speck in your brother’s eye, but pay no attention to the plank in your own eye. When you take the plank out of your own eye, then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” (Gospel of Thomas). Wasn’t he right!

Unfortunately, the world is full of people who think they are right and right exclusively whether they be the bible bashing Christians, fundamental Muslims or Vladimir Putin. This has apparently been the case for the last 2,000 years and has caused much unnecessary war, death, persecution and destruction.

Mr. Putin, people of Russia, I have nothing against you in fact, I encourage you to live by your belief systems and be true to your ‘truths’. But, if you really believe truth can be legislated then I feel sorry for you. If you really think a person’s sexuality can be dictated by law or that your children should be lied to about it, then I feel sorry for you and and the poor people who will suffer under such an approach (who will also be your friends, children, fathers, mothers, uncles, cousins, countrymen etc..