Meet Zeltan

Zeltan is the leader of a black magic lodge in the The Last Observer. His intent is to change reality – our reality – to something different, something evil and sinister. A reality also desired by his master – the Lord of the Elements. Zeltan’s Lodge of the Elements consists of rich, powerful and famous people who use their powers to to get richer, stay powerful and be more famous. The Lodge is loosely modeled on the satanic FOGC Lodge from Franz Bardon’s Frabato. In fact, there is quite a bit of Bardon influence in the book.

As Gordon Strong says in his review “We all perceive reality differently, yet the evil Zeltan plans to control the universal consciousness. Because Stanley possesses a unique imagination, he is marked as another victim for the satanic tyrant. While fleeing from this threat, our innocent discovers his soul while Alison, dabbling in the occult, nearly loses hers. The author has created a convincing world of magic, quantum and mind-blowing ideas in which to set an endlessly surprising adventure. Along the way, enormous questions are being asked about how power should be used, whether it is scientific or magical. ~ Gordon Strong, Author of Merlin: Master of Magic and many other books.

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The Big Questions

There are moments when I wonder what this is all about. By this, I mean life. I woke up this morning and brought with me into waking consciousness something of my dreamworld. A feeling that I am only dreaming. That this is simply not real. Its a feeling I often get and have had since being a kid. Its this feeling that created and supported my interest in the occult and magic. I’m sorry but I can’t imagine dying and that’s the end of it. What would be the point of that? Why would all of this exist just for us to die? Yes, you could argue that I have a touch too much ego to think myself or ourselves worthy of anything but a blink of reality but I am convinced that there is something else and the fact that I felt this from being 4 or 5 years old (and maybe before), simply strengthens that view.


It drives me insane, if I let it, to think that I will never understand what this is. How reality is all put together and why. I think everybody has moments where they ask “who am I?” and “Why am I here?” in the broadest context but my question is broader – “How does this all work?” and “what’s its purpose”. The answer, if there is one, I am convinced lies inside of us because fundamentally, the entire Universe is inside of us not outside of us. And, if this is true, then it makes that first question all the more important. If I die, and that’s it – end of story – then surely, all of this dies with me?

Oh well…. to meditation I go.

The Last Observer Available for Pre-Order

I accidentally just discovered that my new novel is available for pre-order on all Amazon sites. For me this is quite exciting as, for the first time, the product of love, sweat and tears, is available albeit in August…..

Check out the Amazon page on the UK website and you can actually look inside the book.

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A Spot of Colon Navigation???

Just under 2-years ago, a routine colonoscopy discovered a 5cm tumor in my colon. Although benign, the tumor was growing rapidly and would soon result in a large internal explosion. Apparently not good for life support. Much to my trepidation, it had to come out.

Can you imagine major surgery in a foreign country where your language skills rank maybe a 4 for comprehension and a 2.5 for speaking? Actually, the facility I had the surgery in was very good and it was keyhole surgery too performed especially by the top Doctor there. I recall being wheeled in for the surgery. The operating theater was huge and had an amazing view of Brno castle at least until they put the shades down. There must have been about 8 doctors and nurses working on me that day. After 6.5 hours, they resuscitated me. I was amazed, very little pain and absolutely no memory whatsoever of the missing time! After 4-weeks, I was back at work. Not bad for having had 10cm of my colon removed and the thing stitched back together, rewired and put back where it belongs……

Roll forward until say this Christmas. I was starting to feel some pain in my gut or was it my back? I was sent to the gastro specialist first as there was concern about the surgery of course. She confirmed I should have a colonscopy to be sure. Of course, this was my third but let me tell ya, they don’t get easier! It’s actually not so much the procedure itself (of which much more later) but the preparation.


Preparation starts a week or three days out. You can’t eat fruit, nuts and a bunch of other foods that might have small seeds. Then, the day prior it begins. A small breakfast of yoghurt and restricted to clear drinks like black coffee or of course much better – water. Then, in the evening, the dreaded cleaner. It comes in two or three varieties all of which need to be consumed with gallons of water. They all taste dreadful and by the time you are on liter 2+, you really feel like dying. Your bowels start making gurgling noises and then, suddenly, its big white telephone time. And, once there, you may as well just stay there for 4-5 hours. It is horrific. Of course, you get virtually no sleep in between rushes to the little room all night long.

Finally, after some fitful sleep, you awake and start again. Yes, you drink more cleaning fluid and more gallons of water and sit on the toilet again feeling like the bottom has fallen out of your world (or maybe the other way around). Its around this time, you start to wonder just how you will make it to the doctors? 30 mins on public transport in this state? Somehow though you do make it.


Last night, I was reading a few colonoscopy experiences on the web. I do so love to freak myself out. One woman actually said that she felt like she had been violated by the male doctor who did the procedure! I think this woman may have had some other problems because I don’t see how you can call a potentially life saving procedure violation. On the other hand, maybe I do.

I was asked to strip from the waist down and lie on my left side thrusting my behind out towards the female doctor. As she prepared her navigation kit, the nurse stuck me with some good stuff. I don’t know what it was but boy….. it was some good shit let me tell you. The next thing I know, doctor is putting the kit away and I am saying “What? Did you do it already?” Apparently she had. 18 minutes worth of violation in my case but I didn’t know anything about it. “Good news”, she said. ” Everything is fine and normal.” Whether you really think of having a camera shoved up your bum and navigated around your colon as violation or not, these few words make it all seem worthwhile…. until the next time.


I Used to be able to fly…..

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”
― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

I posted this quote on Facebook last night on the Last Observer page. For a novel about the nature of reality and magic, it struck me as a darn fine quote. Magic really does involve belief or faith. Faith really can move mountains. Magic rituals, far from being some evil activity performed naked with the lights out, are simply a very traditional human activity designed to help act out and therefore convince the subconscious and other areas of the psyche, that something is so. That, if you like, we can still fly. I discuss this in Inner Journeys where I use the example of projecting success and being successful as a result. A Rolex watch could be used to help convey the idea of success and it is, in this context, a magical instrument.

The quote though, reminded me of something I had written on Asteroth’s Domain a while ago. The blog article was titled Imagining and it deals with a memory of being very young and able to imagine things into reality. A sense that at some point I existed in a real place but fall back into this dreamworld on waking bringing a very real sense of disappointment. In this ‘Otherworld, whatever I imagine can be my reality. In this place, I can fly. The fact is, I am pretty convinced that I could fly but at some point growing up, I was laughed at and told, “don’t be silly, people can’t fly!” At that moment, I lost my ability to fly. At that moment, I lost something else far more important. I lost my belief in magic and I lost my childhood.


Don’t get me wrong, I am not blaming anyone for this. It is the world we live in and what would it be to think I could fly at my age? Well, guess what? There are moments when the magic is still there. When dragons still exist and Unicorns roam and yes, I can fly. They exist on that point between waking and sleep and who is to say that this is reality and not just imagination or that its really the other way around?

JM Barrie knew and gave us directions… “second star to the right and straight on til morning”

Sex Sells II

One of my first posts here was a tongue-in-cheek discussion of writing and publishing books – I used the title sex sells because it does – just look at that category erotica and you will understand that these books sell. Well, tonight, I posted an article to my Czech Republic travel blog. I thought I would check out the stats while there…..

First the good news. The blog is getting a hell of a lot of visits. So all my hard work and photographs of Czech castles and landscapes, witty posts about Czech lifestyle, culture and politics was actually generating interest? Of course not. No.

One post was generating 95% of that traffic and the stats tell the entire story. Google is bringing in a lot of that traffic on search terms like “Czech Porn”, “Czech Pornstars”, “Why so many Czech Pornstars” and the like….. lovely! Yes, it seems that the one article I wrote on the blog ranting about sex tourism in Prague and my utter distaste for the unwanted attention this brings to my adopted homeland is attracting those visits. Titled “The Sex Industry in The Czech Republic“, my attempt to denigrate the topic has actually become the blogs biggest seller. Yes – sex sells.


Actually, I wouldn’t mind at all if it got a few Google clicks and generated some revenues but has also decided that this article is an offensive porno piece and it stubbornly refuses to display ads on that page! Well, never mind, these folks will read some of the higher brow material on the site right? Wrong apparently. The article has a 99% bounce rate meaning people come (apologies) to this article and then exit the site. Perhaps they feel cheated to discover that what they thought was going to be a titillating article about sex in Prague is actually a rant against exactly the type of person that is coming in to read it.

But I do enjoy the irony……

What Happened to Music?

OK – now I am going to sound like my parents but, can anyone explain to me what happened to music?

Am I the only one that thinks that what passes for ‘popular’ music these days is complete and utter sh*one*t? Not only that but what happened to self respect? Much of the ‘music’ I hear on the radio is not just mono-tonal and monotonous crap but the lyrics leave a lot to be desired too. One song that gets played a lot over here has some guy singing about how he is gonna have a lazy day and get him some ‘nice’ sex. Lucky him but – it that a topic for a song? There are several songs that simply seem to use the F word at every opportunity too and the accompanying videos are essentially simply soft porn.


You know, I am sorry, but this isn’t art, it isn’t music and its not much fun either. It’s crap. It is synthetic, over the top, shock value crap designed to make some untalented showoff or exhibitionist a bunch of money at our expense.

Just recently, I read an article where they examined popular music over the last 50-years. The result? Today’s so called music is the least complex and least tuneful music yet.


Ok. I know that sex sells and that it takes an exhibitionist to sustain a career in the pop industry. But there appears to be one rather large difference in general between people like David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Elvis Presley and today’s instantly forgotten stars. Talent.